3 Common Water Leaks In Homes And How You Can Troubleshoot

water leaks in homesThe sound of a leaking faucet, the frustration that comes with a clogged toilet or that irritating water found near your washing machine can create stress for any home owner. In fact, it is estimated that most water leaks in homes can cost thousands of dollars in damage to the home – not to mention the additional cost of wasted water. It’s due to these facts that many home owners in the greater Phoenix area pull their hair out trying to find realistic tips on how to troubleshoot common water leaks.

Tips About The Most Most Common Home Water Leaks

Leaking Water From Washing Machines

Have you ever put in a load of laundry only to discover water underneath the washing machine? Although many home owners might believe that it’s common for a washing machine to have some leaks, the facts tell a different story. In fact, any leaks coming from a washing machine can lead to significant floor damage and even cause potential fire danger or electrocution when water and electrical components mingle.

Here are a few things you can do to fix a leak once you’ve notice one inside your laundry room: Read more

Home Safety Tips Guaranteed To Benefit Retired Home Owners

home safety tipsMany retired adults choose to move to Arizona for the warm weather and beautiful scenery. It’s important to enjoy this time of your life and you can create additional peace of mind by knowing your home is set up in a way that suits your individual needs. You might be surprised to learn that most injuries that occur to aging adults often occur inside their homes – and in many cases can be avoided by employing a few home safety tips. In order to avoid a some of the more common accidents that retired adults tend to have inside their homes, below you’ll find a few important areas of your home to consider and some important home safety tips worth taking note of. Read more

Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Can Take To The Bank

Bathroom remodeling tipsIt’s been said by many DIY experts that remodeling a bathroom is one of the easiest things for any home owner to undertake. However – it should be noted that most of these experts are contractors themselves – and get paid for providing bathroom remodeling tips by hardware stores and other companies in order to drive sales to their locations. Truth being told, remodeling a bathroom can be an extremely complex process; involving hours of planning, and requiring hard work and some skill to complete the task.

In order to simplify this process for you, and provide you with some detailed tips on how to undertake a home bathroom remodeling project, here are three easy tips to remember. Read more

Scottsdale Home Fire Restoration Tips You Can Rely On In An Emergency

home fire renovation tips scottsdale The thought of having a fire inside your home is one that no property owner ever wants to consider. However, it is a sad reality that can happen in life. And when fire damage occurs, there are often more questions in regards to what to do and in what order. Simply put, what priorities need to be handled in the rebuilding process? As such, we’ve put together this list of Scottsdale home fire restoration tips that will help people understand what to do when the tragedy of fire damage occurs.

3 Important Fire Restoration Tips For Your Scottsdale Home

Tip #1 – Consider Safety Above All

It is human nature to want to rush in to your home to inspect damage caused by fire however this could be a dangerous situation. Here are a few things you should always remember before you enter a home:

  • Never enter the home until the fire department or fire marshal has completed any necessary investigations and has given you the “all clear”. It also may be necessary to get a structural engineer and the building inspector to verify if there is any safety issues before entering.
  • Watch out above for damage to roofs and ceilings – it’s a good idea to wear a safety hat before entering a home with fire damage.
  • Be careful where you step, as fire damage could cause floors to be unstable.

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How To Repair Water Damage On Wood Floors In Your Scottsdale Home

water damage on wood floorThere is nothing more frustrating than noticing water damage on wood floors. People tend to install wood flooring in their homes due to their reliability, strength and longevity. However, the evil combatant to wood floors is water – and the damage it produces. But don’t fret, repairing water damage on wooden flooring is actually not as hard as it might seem. In fact, there are three simple steps that even the novice home owner can complete to begin the repair process.

1: Stop The Source Of The Water Leak & Remove Standing Water

If the wood floors were damaged by water, whether it was flood damage, broken water pipes inside your home or if the water heater broke, the first step in repairing the wood flooring after the leak is stopped or fixed is to remove any standing water, inspect the damage and create a plan of attack. In order to make sure the wood flooring is dried, you should use the following tools to help expedite the process:

  • Open any windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter the structure and discourage the growth of any bacteria or microorganisms
  • Make sure there are no electrical shock hazards that present itself if there is standing water, remove any unnecessary extension cords, etc., and remove any furniture and contents to expose the entire floor
  • Use towels and/or a wet/dry shop-vac to initially soak up any standing water and prevent any secondary damage as required on your insurance policy

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Peak One Builders and J Bella Interiors Make a Great Team!

Peak One Builders and J Bella Interiors Make a Great Team!

Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Mission Accomplished at Jared Allen’s Night Ops III Charity Golf Tournament

Jared Allen’s Night Ops III Charity Golf Tournament

Jared Allen's Night Ops III Charity Golf Tournament

Thank you to Amanda, Dylan, and Jared for inviting us out to Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors Night Ops III Charity Golf Tournament at the Ancala Country Club on Saturday May 19th.

It was really great to see so much support for our wounded veteran soldiers such as our friend Joshua Bullis and those like him who have returned from the battlefield in need of a home especially suited for them.  Peak One Builders & Restoration is proud to be a part of this cause, so we certainly commend Jared Allen for his vision, dedication, and using his celebrity status in such a positive way which brings more awareness to the community along with the resources to make a difference to some of those who have sacrificed for all of us. 

Celebrities such as Larry Fitzgerald, Johnny Knoxville, Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna, Eric Christian Olsen, James Otto, Jay Glazier, and more participated in the event, which also sometimes subjected them to being ordered by US Soldiers to do pushups or situps at the tee box if required.  The tournament was at night and was aided by glow in the dark golf balls, which was a sight to see.  Afterward a contest broke out at the 280 foot slip and slide, which was certainly entertaining, but now having seen a bunch of guys squirt dish soap on themselves before their turn on the slide…I’m not quite sure there was a winner.

Thanks again to Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors and we look forward to Night Ops IV next year!

Peak One Builders Teams Up With Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors and Sundt Construction to Help a Local Veteran Soldier!

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors (JAH4WW), a 501c3 public charity, is honored to announce the commencement of another home remodel for an injured United States Soldier.

JAH4WW is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of raising money to build or modify the homes of America’s injured Military Veterans so that they are handicap accessible and comfortable.  Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings formed the organization in 2009 after he returned home from his USO Tour to U.S. Military Bases in the Middle East.

JAH4WW has chosen the Phoenix, Arizona native PFC. Joshua Bullis as the next recipient for home renovations.  In April 2010, Bullis deployed to the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan with the 595th Sapper Company, 2nd Engineer Battalion. As combat engineers, Bullis and the other Soldiers in the unit were responsible for constructing roads and bridges and clearing routes, which made it possible for other troops to travel throughout the region. While on a routine foot patrol through an Afghan village, PFC. Joshua Bullis stepped on a buried improvised explosive device (IED).  As a result of the blast, both of his legs were amputated above his knee, as was his left arm above the elbow.

PFC. Joshua Bullis will need a complete home remodel which includes all new flooring for wheelchair accessibility, ramps in every entrance, custom bathrooms and kitchen, wider doors and hallways, alterations to the garage to allow easy access from his custom vehicle, and an outdoor patio.

Peak One Builders & Restoration is proud to join forces with Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors and help out one of our own.  This is a great cause to be a part of, and if you are interested in finding out more about it or how you can help then follow this link http://jaredallen69inc.com/h4ww/home.html .