Popular Ideas For Building A Guest House In Phoenix

Building a guest house in PhoenixHaving a home in Phoenix tends to be an open invitation for friends and family to visit – especially when those visiting live in cold weather climates. Due to this reality, several Phoenix area home owners search for creative ways of increasing housing space without building a brand new home. One of the latest trends in new home construction is the addition of guest apartments or casita’s; while other home owners with extra back yard space will actually build a detached guest home. Regardless of which option you choose, there are pros and cons to adding onto your home.

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Build up or Build out? Adding an Addition to a Home

Adding an addition to a homeOne of the largest and most involved remodeling projects you can undertake is adding an entire new section onto your home. Far more than just changing the layout and look of a single room, adding an addition will add total square footage onto your home. It will involve one or more new rooms, and will, if done properly, increase the value of your home.

The kicker is this: many people assume that an addition means adding something onto the front, side or back of your home and increasing square feet that way. In truth, you can often get a lot out of adding to the top of your home instead of the sides. Read about adding an addition to a home, whether you should build up or out, and how to get the best results for utility and value. Read more

Second Story Addition Ideas: Building Up Instead of Out

Second Story Addition IdeasBuilding an addition to your home requires careful planning. Many people choose to build outwards by expanding the base level of the home with a side addition or an addition at the back of the home. However, building upwards is also an option to give your home the space your family needs. Talk to an expert to decide the safest and practical solution for your home expansion. Homeowners in Scottsdale that are considering adding a second story addition should learn more about the different ways you can utilize the extra space with these creative second story addition ideas. Read more

Adding an Addition to a Home in Carefree: Pros & Cons

adding an addition to a home in CarefreeYou may be considering adding an addition to your home but may be weighing all of your options. Home additions have lots of pros and cons. Many homeowners decide to add an addition when their family starts growing because it’s less costly to add an addition compared to moving into a bigger home. Adding an addition to a home in Carefree will increase your property value and is a major selling point to buyers. However, before you start your project it is important to weigh all the pros and cons of undertaking such a project. Our guide will help you determine if Carefree home addition is right for you. Read more

Luxury Trends for Paradise Valley Home Additions

Paradise Valley home additionsWhether the kids have moved out, your family is still growing, or you are simply ready for a change, you might be considering the thought of making some additions to your Arizona home. With all the different home improvement ideas out there, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones would be right for your home. To help you make a decision on which areas of your house you want to change, here is a list of the top luxury trends for Paradise Valley home additions.

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Can I Build a Guest House on My Property in Cave Creek?

Benefit to Building a Custom Guest HouseThere are many benefits to having a guest house on your own property, aside from the obvious. You can have an entirely new space to decorate, maximize the potential of your yard, and even increase your return on investment when it’s time to sell your home. If you’ve been asking yourself the questions, can I build a guest house on my property in Cave Creek, and how, here’s what you need to know about the process.

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Paradise Valley Home Editions Bring Added Market Value

Paradise Valley Home EditionsIt’s common for homeowners to consider making improvements to their homes for aesthetic or comfort purposes. A reality to consider is that adding a room edition can also significantly improve the market value of any home in the Phoenix area. This is one reason why Paradise Valley home editions are growing in popularity. There are multiple advantages to making the decision to start a home remodeling project. And when you work with the best local construction contractor in Paradise Valley to plan it, develop it, design it and build it – you’ll not only get an outstanding end product; but your home value will also increase dramatically.

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3 Ideas On How To Make A Theater Room In Your Scottsdale Home

How to make a Theater RoomIt’s amazing what homeowners will do to increase their comfort and entertain friends. Case in point: Did you know that most homes that are involved in Parade of Home events across the country are built with custom-made theater rooms? Believe it or not, there is a simple reason for this growing trend – it’s a very affordable way to increase your overall value of a home and also increase entertainment options for family and friends.

Whether you’re looking to install a simple surround sound system or build a state-of-the-art entertainment room, there are details you should consider when deciding on how to make a theater room that will accomplish exactly what you are looking to achieve.

3 Details To Consider When Making A Theater Room

First – Consider your Budget

It’s a reality of life that money tends to dictate options. In building a home entertainment center, creating a solid budget on what you can afford to spend is often the best way to begin this process. One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners get into is overspending – especially when it comes to creature comforts like building a home theater. And if you’re stressing about paying the bills or making ends meet, you really won’t have time to enjoy that newly constructed home entertainment option. Read more

Home Remodeling Contractors In Scottsdale Busy With Additions

Scottsdale Home Remodeling Contractors

One of the ‘perks’ of living in Arizona is the temperate climate. In fact, in a recent article, Forbes Magazine listed their top reasons for moving to Scottsdale, AZ, and they listed ‘great weather’ as number one. This great climate also has a way of convincing many family members to consider a move to the Valley of the Sun for health and financial reasons also. This has stimulated a remodeling spurt – especially for home remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. Read more

3 Tips For Building An In Home Wine Cellar in Scottsdale

wine room construction scottsdaleOne of the most popular home improvement trends these days is the addition of creating a personal home wine cellar. And believe it or not, creating your own home wine cellar in Scottsdale is not as difficult as you’d think. If you stick to following a few steps – you’ll quickly discover that having a professional home improvement contractor build you a custom wine cellar can help you be the talk of the neighborhood. Read more