water damage restoration in scottsdaleWhen flooding or water damage occurs inside your Arizona home – making a phone call to Peak One Builders is a smart first step. As a reliable provider of quality-driven water and flood damage restoration in the greater Phoenix metro area for several years, Peak One Builders has established a strong reputation for dependable quotes, timely repairs and exceptional customer service – every step of this often highly stressful process.

Peak One Builders offers several different types of flood and water damage restoration in Scottsdale due to damage including:

  • Broken water pipes
  • Broken washing machine hoses & refrigerator water lines
  • Broken reverse osmosis systems
  • Sewage back-ups
  • Storm damage
  • Water damage due to home fire

Just like any project we undertake, our first priority is your safety. As such, we take several steps to ensure that any flood or water damage repair in Scottsdale is completed by following a certain method that has proven to be highly effective over the years.

First – Diagnose and Repair the Cause of the Water Leaks

Before you begin to rebuild – you’ve got to ensure the damage does not occur again. This is why the first step for Peak One Builders is to diagnose and repair any conditions that have led to the current water damage inside your home. Whether it was a broken water pipe, a backed-up sewage system or flood damage due to heavy rains in the monsoon season, we must first discover what caused the damage and create a proactive solution to ensure it doesn’t happen again – if at all possible.

Second – Create a Custom Plan to Repair or Restore your Damaged Room(s)

Our next step is to work with every client of Peak One Builders to create a tailor-made plan of attack on how we intend to repair or restore your water or flood damaged room. Some people like to take advantage of this situation by upgrading their rooms with new materials or even adding new features – while others prefer to simply build it back the way it was. Regardless of your choice, Peak One Builders will work with you to create a plan that is efficient, affordable and will be completed on time.

Third – Peak One Builders Gets the Job Done Right – The First Time

We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional water and flood damage repairs and restoration. And we’ll double-check every step of this process to ensure the work is completed to exceed your expectations – without having to take steps back and cost more money or waste time.


There are crucial steps that must be immediately taken to eliminate the potential for the development of mold. This can occur as early as 48-72 hours after the water loss. Our services include the use of state of the art water extraction equipment, heat drying technology, powerful air-movers, and dehumidifiers. We use FLIR infrared technologies to quickly locate wet walls, floors, etc. We utilize this technology to determine where the moisture has spread to, and develop moisture-mapping required paperwork for the insurance company.

If you have experienced water or flood damage; don’t hesitate – contact Peak One Builders today.

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  • Immediately locate and identify the source of the incoming water and, if possible, stop it or call a professional to handle it.
  • Turn off all electrical breakers that control the affected area to reduce electrical hazards.
  • Remove or elevate furniture & draperies off wet areas to prevent permanent stains or rust marks from occurring.
  • Empty out closet floors, including shoes and cardboard boxes, which could cause staining.
  • Remove photos & paintings to a safe dry area
  • Try to use a mop, squeegee, or shop-vac to help remove any standing water and contain the leak if at all possible
  • Call immediately to schedule an inspection or to begin emergency drying procedures.



  • Never turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet, and stay away from sagging ceilings.
  • Never use a household vacuum to try to remove water
  • Never rip up the carpet and pad. This could cause permanent damage to the materials.
  • Never leave books, newspapers and other paper materials on wet carpets and floors.
  • Never attempt to dry carpeting with an electric heater. It will only dry the surface and not dry the padding. It also does not remove the moisture from the air.
  • Never turn up the heat above 68 degrees, as this will help cause mildew to become active



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