3 Kitchen And Bath Industry Show Innovative Concepts For 2014

Kitchen-and-Bath-Show-KBIS-2014-LogoWhen February arrives in Las Vegas, the conventions season begins to kick into full throttle. And one of the most popular conventions hosted in Sin City is the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (also known as KBIS). During this popular convention, hundreds of the best interior décor companies, aftermarket suppliers and remodeling experts showcase some of the most popular innovated concepts that are beginning to show up in high-profile homes.

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Favorites

Here are three attention grabbing ideas that appeared at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show for home owners in Phoenix to consider implementing into their remodeling projects in 2014.

KIBS 2014 Las Vegas

Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas 2014 showcased new, fresh concepts for remodeling and new home builds.

Integrating Old Style Kitchen Décor with Modern Kitchen Enhancements

For the past few years there has been a significant increase in ‘old school’ kitchen and bath décor. However, one of the most popular ideas showcased at this year’s Vegas show was integrating older décor style with new and high tech kitchen and bath innovation. Primary this is showcased in the countertops used, with marble, granite and solid surface designs being ‘trimmed’ in unique ways as to represent an older ‘look and feel’. Adding to this vintage look is the increase in hand-crafted kitchen cabinetry that is appearing across the board in many of today’s most popular kitchen upgrade projects.

Also commonly displayed at this year’s show were hand-forged style kitchen and bathroom sink designs. Some popular vendors like Artesso™ and Brizo faucets have added a splash of history into 2014 kitchen and bath faucet designs.

Installing More Useful Kitchen Accessories

There was a time when kitchen accessories were meant primary as showcasing elements to enhance the primary décor features – but not always for daily use. However, as more home owners look for proactive use of space in most of their home improvement projects, the use of all kitchen accessories is trending towards use as opposed to simple ‘style enhancement’. Some examples of this include colanders and cutting boards that are now being made of high-quality materials but also being seamlessly integrated into the kitchen countertops. These new features not only are easy to use, but also easy to remove for quick cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Gaining Traction

Lighting has always played an integral role in kitchen décor. But in recent years, the focus has been to create eco-friendly lighting features that are both effective in keeping your kitchen well illuminated, but also help to protect our natural resources. The goal of any kitchen light treatment should always be to accomplish three primary elements:

  • Ensure you have a safe cooking environment
  • Make sure the lighting creates a certain ‘feel or tone’ to your kitchen
  • Verify that the lighting is functional and easy to work with day and night

Some ways that people are creating eco-friendly lighting in cabinets is through LED technology located inside cabinets, and below base cabinet boards. Not only does this light up even the darkest nooks and crannies inside your kitchen, but it also maximize space. And since the lights are LED powered, it saves you money on energy bills as well.

The 2014 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas was a hit for both home builders and owners looking for helpful décor and upgrade ideas for their new remodeling project. Take the time to review more information about the show, and also consider using these three different hot topics in your next home remodeling in Scottsdale.

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