3 Ways to Organize Your Home and Maintain Sanity

ways to organize your homeIt’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ we can collect over our lifetime. One of the inevitable realities is that quite often our tendency for holding on to items tends to outgrow our homes storage space. If you’re trying to find affordable ways to organize your home and reduce clutter while integrating some smart storage ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Three Cool Tips To Organize Your Home In Arizona That Won’t Break The Piggy Bank

Tip #1 – Make Full Use of Garage Space

The first thing that many homeowners tend to overlook is the garage. Even if your garage is packed to the rafters with ‘stuff’, there are several things you can do to expand your storage space and organize your personal items for very little cost.

First – Take an inventory of your personal items

Before you start to tear apart your garage and storage areas, the first thing you need to do is create a basic list of items that are growing out of control inside your home. For example: if you have lots of holiday decorations located in several spots around your home, put this section on your list. You can also put other main categories like kitchen supplies, seasonal clothing, outdoor equipment, kid’s toys and other primary categories.

Once you make a good inventory list of things you need to find a home for, then you’ll be ready to start creating the organizational plan.

Second – Find out what storage you currently have

The next step is to take another inventory of the current storage space that exists inside your home. After this step has been completed, you can then be ready for the most important step – creating better storage.

Tip #2 – Consider Adding Shelving Around the Entire Home

The second tip you should consider when looking for ways to organize your home is to add decorative shelving in private areas inside your home. By private area, we mean bedrooms, dens, garage space, and other areas where people don’t socialize. By installing decorative shelving, you’ll have the opportunity to store items along the entire wall – taking these common items from the floor where they can be damaged and tripped over, to the wall, where they are out of the way.

By completing this step you will expand storage space inside the home in closets, and other storage locations.

Tip #3 – Add some Decorate Countertop Storage Ideas

After you’ve organized your private rooms, it’s important to move along to the public areas that tend to become overwhelmed with clutter. Specifically, you can focus on your kitchen and living room by adding decorative tabletop organizing items like space racks, lazy Susan, or additional storage cabinets. Again, this step is rather inexpensive and often can be completed by the average homeowner with minimal time.

The most important part of organization is creating a plan of attack. So if you follow these three simple ways to organize your home and make full use of all the space inside your home, you’ll find clutter will disappear and your sanity will increase.

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