7 Cave Creek Home Remodeling Ideas to Improve Home Value

cave creek home remodeling ideasIt’s quite typical that homeowners might sit back in the backyard during the evening and ponder ways they can improve their homes. These backyard chat sessions often stimulate several Cave Creek home remodeling ideas. For any homeowner, there are several items that they can include in a remodeling project in Cave Creek that not only will improve their quality of life, but add considerable value and equity to their property.

Here are 7 of the best home remodeling ideas that will add value to any Cave Creek home.

Add a Swimming Pool

Without question, one of the best ways to add value to any home is adding creature comforts that improve the quality of living. When the temperature can eclipse 100 degrees for more than 1/3rd of the year, a swimming pool makes living in the desert much easier. However, swimming pools also add tremendous value to a home that will eventually be listed for sale. It’s a good idea to speak with a home remodeling expert about the best ways to add a swimming pool or other water features in your back yard to maximize your return on investment.

Adding Guest House Additions

Another reality of living in the desert is that family and friends often visit our homes to escape the harsh winters where they might live. Although it might seem like a great idea to have them stay in that extra bedroom, adding a guest home or casita is a great way to give them some space and allow you to still have your home privacy. Plus, adding a guest home will increase your living space, which naturally improves your home value.

Adding Home Additions                            

As we stated above, when you increase the amount of livable space to any property, the value will increase. A very popular method to accomplish this is adding home additions in Cave Creek.  Whether you’re thinking about adding a screened in patio to your backyard, or adding that third bedroom or finish your basement, the more livable space you have will increase value across the board.

Making Kitchen Improvements

From simple appliance upgrades, to full-blown kitchen remodeling, anytime you make improvements to the kitchen area, the value of the home will increase. However, one thing that is commonly not discussed is the improvements to the kitchen experience. By remodeling a kitchen to allow more storage space, easier access to cooking and more space to navigate, cooking becomes fun again and you can’t put a dollar value on improving quality of life.

Upgrading or Adding Bathrooms

When you add more space to your home, like adding rooms, the natural secondary upgrade is adding or upgrading your bathroom facilities. Bathroom remodeling projects are very easy to complete for professional home remodelers in Cave Creek. But, they are also great ways to increase your home value for very little expense. In fact, the ROI on bathroom remodeling projects is among the highest in home improvement.

Adding Handicap Access and Features

A fact of life is that eventually, everybody ages or can fall victim to a tragic event that impairs their ability to walk. It’s due to these facts that several homeowners in Cave Creek are considering adding ADA accessible features to their homes; not only to become proactive, but to ensure their home is accessible to any future buyer. Adding these features to your home improvement project can be as simple as installing a ramp to your front door or as complex as increasing door width to accommodate wheelchairs. Regardless of what you choose to do, adding handicap access and features to any home is a smart idea.

Outdoor Living Construction

Finally, when it comes to improving the overall quality of living in Arizona, adding outdoor living amenities like patios, fire features, decks, pergola’s or other outdoor items is a great way to increase home value. Since most of the year, outdoor living is fun and relaxing in Cave Creek, homes that have these outdoor living fixtures will be more popular to future homebuyers than those without.


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