Build up or Build out? Adding an Addition to a Home

Adding an addition to a homeOne of the largest and most involved remodeling projects you can undertake is adding an entire new section onto your home. Far more than just changing the layout and look of a single room, adding an addition will add total square footage onto your home. It will involve one or more new rooms, and will, if done properly, increase the value of your home.

The kicker is this: many people assume that an addition means adding something onto the front, side or back of your home and increasing square feet that way. In truth, you can often get a lot out of adding to the top of your home instead of the sides. Read about adding an addition to a home, whether you should build up or out, and how to get the best results for utility and value.

Run Numbers for Up and Out

Any time you undertake a home renovation or remodeling project, your first consideration for home additions in Cave Creek is likely to be cost. You’ll want to know how to get the most value out of your remodel, which means balancing cost vs. return. To do this you’ll want to work with your builder to run the numbers and determine the costs for both options. You may find that building out will cost far too much, while building up is quite reasonable for your layout (or vice-versa).

Look at Other Homes in the Area

Everyone wants their home to stand out and catch people’s eyes, but if it’s too unique and too different from the homes around it, it will look like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. This can actually reduce the value of your home, despite adding more space. Keeping this in mind, look at the design of other homes in the area and decide how you can add space and value, while still looking like you’re a part of the neighborhood.

Talk to Local Realtors

Your best resource for home value through additions on your house is a real estate agent. Experienced Realtors in your area will know everything there is to know about the region. They can tell you what add-ons can improve the value of a home, and how you and your custom home addition remodeling contractor in Cave Creek can best take advantage of current trends to both give you all the extra space and aesthetics you want, while gaining the maximum return on investment for the work you’re having done.

If you’re curious as to whether building up or out is the best approach for your big renovation project, you’re not alone. A lot of people have the same question and it comes down to asking the right questions.

The answer can be found in what’s best for your needs, what’s going to give you the best return on investment, and how to both stand out and still fit into your local area. Working with the best contractors and talking to experts in the area is the best way to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your next major remodeling project.


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