5 Amazing Luxury Garage Ideas for Your Man Cave


When it comes to interior remodeling, the garage can easily be overlooked.

There’s no need for your man cave to miss out the on wow-factor you’ve created in the rest of the house.

Check out these 5 amazing luxury garage ideas that’ll keep your friends talking about more than just the house.

1. Underfloor Heating

There’s no reason your garage use should be confined to the summer months. With radiant underfloor heating you’ll be able to enjoy your man cave year round, and should be a feature of your interior remodel.

It’s particularly good for large, tall rooms like garages. The heat is right where you want it, heating the air around you before science kicks in and it rises.

Make sure you have this nailed down before you consider your…

2. Killer Flooring

Yes, it needs to be tough and durable, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be visually stunning as well.

Luxury options include:

Hybrid Polymer Floors

Twice as durable as epoxy and polyurethane coatings, hybrid polymer floors come in a range of stylish options. You can opt for block gloss finishes or have glistening specks built in that reflect the light.

Not only can they take the hammer they give a high-end finish that will stay looking amazing for years to come.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Forget the spongy tiles you’ve seen at Costco. I’m talking about interlocking tiles that give a seriously sophisticated finish.

Capture a retro fifties look with a black and white motif, or opt for a marble finish you can see your reflection in.

Pay attention to the fitting of these specialist products too. Choose a contractor who has the skills to match the exclusive product you’ve invested in.

3. Roof Space

Building up and creating a pitched attic space can create tons of extra storage. Done right the look can take your dreary garage to a whole new level of style.

You can also helpfully store away all those once-a-year items such as camping gear out of sight, but still easily accessible.

4. Custom Storage

Every man cave should be as individual as every man.

Create custom storage for your particular passions. Consider a blend of wall cabinets, hanging racks and shelving units. Complete with a workstation to your specification for your weekend me-time.

The beauty of custom storage design is that it maximises the potential of the space you have. Choose a designer who will carefully consider how you’ll use your tools and appliances and plan for these needs.

5. High-tech Doors

No need to sit and wait for your garage door to complete its tedious opening sequence. Sync your new doors with your phone and with one click they’ll be ready and waiting as you drive up.

Key features of premium garage doors include smooth, quiet operation and hassle-free maintenance. Whether you want vintage or ultra-modern, the style of garage door you chose can elevate your car hole to man lair.

The Takeaway

Interior remodeling needs to be all-encompassing in the luxury home.

These five amazing ideas mean your garage will be a focal point, not an afterthought.

To turn your garage into the luxury man cave you’ve always dreamed of, check out our custom remodeling service.


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