Arizona Home Building Contractor Reveals Ways to Go Green

Arizona Home Building ContractorGoing green is a term used to describe an environmentally friendly approach to life. Individuals that choose to go green eat organic foods and limit their usage of artificial light and resources. Going green is a great way to save the environment and it’s also an excellent way to save money. Solar power systems and geothermal systems are just a couple of examples of green technology for the home. An Arizona home building contractor can help you build an environmentally friendly abode or remodel the current one you have.

Downsize to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The concept of going green is centered around reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released by a human being due to their use of the earth’s resources. Environmentally conscious individuals should consider building or living in a small home to reduce energy usage and decrease their footprint. Larger homes cost more to heat and cool which drives up energy costs. Make your home more eco-friendly by utilizing home building services in Scottsdale Arizona.

Harness Solar Energy

Solar power systems involve harnessing solar energy to power your home. Solar panels on the roof of your home absorb the sun’s energy and converts it to power for your home. In order to access the energy, you will need a converter that changes DC (solar power) into AC (alternating current) solar panels. System construction is a labor intensive process power used by your the utility grid to power the home.

Consider a Geothermal System

A geothermal system harnesses the energy stored beneath the earth’s surface. Special conductors are used to distribute water between the energy source pipe and your home. Many people do not know that the earth absorbs a majority of the sun’s energy. Therefore, the earth’s surface temperature remains constant all year round. This system is called the loop because the water is continually traveling between the earth and the home to provide HVAC services.

Get Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

It is no secret that dilapidated doors and windows poorly insulated the home causing heat loss and drafts. Energy efficient windows and doors are built to preserve energy and keep the air at a desirable temperature. Fenestration is the architecture of openings such as doors and windows in the home. Energy-efficient fenestration includes techniques such as caulking that insulate the windows. Caulking is the process of using caulk to seal the windows to prevent air flow.

Weatherstripping is a material made out of vinyl, copper or other materials that is used to line windows and doors to prevent air leakage.

If you choose to purchase new windows, Energy Star has created a rating system that is designed to rate the efficiency of different brands and types of windows. The National Fenestration Rating Council measures:

  • U-Factor: the conduction of non-solar heat flow
  • Solar heat gain coefficient: measure of solar radiation allowed through the windows
  • Air leakage
  • Visible transmittance
  • Light-to-solar gain

If you’re interested in building a home in AZ, consider these tips before you start construction. Speak to contractors familiar with building energy efficient homes. They should have expert knowledge of geothermal and solar systems. Their expertise will enable you to construct a home that is efficient for the environment and your family.


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