Removing asbestos and other potentially harmful chemicals is an extremely delicate process. For years, Peak One Builders has been a leading provider in safe, efficient and environmentally responsible Asbestos Abatement Service operating through the State of Arizona. As with every service we provide, delivering honest and open communication is our trademark. You can be certain that no matter what size of Asbestos Abatement project you might have – Peak One Builders has the experience and safety record to get the job done right – and always within budget.

Peak One Builders is comprised of professionals in all aspects of construction. However, our team is also comprised of several Asbestos professionals; all of whom are certified in the State of Arizona to complete all Asbestos related projects. From large building projects – to private homesand small business offices, you can be certain that Peak One Builders has the experience and professionalism to complete any Asbestos Abatement project.

Our team provides several different Asbestos Abatement Services in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ including:

  • Comprehensive asbestos inspection services for industrial, governmental, residential and commercial facilities
  • Complete asbestos abatement removal, storage and disposal services
  • Full permit application process assessment
  • Ensure all abatement services are within compliance of Local, State and Federal Regulations
  • Peak One Builders maintains an exceptional safety record for all contractors related to the asbestos abatement process. We take safety as our primary concern, for both occupants of any building we work on – and especially the team that provides services for Peak One Builders.


One of the biggest concerns that most companies have about any asbestos abatement project is how the contractor is going to dispose of hazardous materials. This is not a concern you need to have when you work with Peak One Builders. Our company takes proactive measures to exceed all regulations in regards to the disposal and handling of asbestos materials. We have the experience and take several steps to secure all permits to record, identify, remove and dispose of any materials that are considered to be hazardous in nature.

Peak One Builders also takes several steps to ensure we follow EPA regulation on disposal of all hazardous materials used during the Asbestos Abatement project as well. This includes following a strict chain of custody of all hazardous materials from the job site directly to EPA approved landfills for the proper disposal of these materials.

Safety is our primary concern at Peak One Builders. This is why we are very serious about every project we undertake. Prior to taking on any asbestos abatement project we will meet directly with every member of the team – to verify every step is fully completed, BY THE LETTER OF THE LAW. We do not take any short cuts with any of our projects, but certain not with potentially hazardous and dangerous projects like Asbestos Abatement in Scottsdale.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction – and to exceed your expectations. If you are looking to retain the best company, with an exceptional service record in completing several Asbestos Abatement Services in Scottsdalecontact the professionals at Peak One Builders – Today. Call 480-378-0611.


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