Basic Facts about Mold Remediation Services in Phoenix

Mold Remediation Services in PhoenixIf you’ve ever been a victim of flooding inside a home, you can appreciate the value of professional companies that provide mold remediation services in Phoenix. Mold is the silent killer of homes and a primary cause of many respiratory illnesses and medical conditions that can be very serious. And if a home or commercial building has experienced any significant water damage, especially in the hot summer months, finding and hiring a good mold remediation expert in Phoenix is a great way to protect the health of anybody that enters your building.

Here are a few facts about this important profession and service that many of today’s best home remodeling expert contractors provide.

What is Mold Remediation?

According to the United States EPA, a mold remediation expert is a professionally trained contractor that specialized in the assessment, identification and removal of mold hazards in structures. They also are specially trained on the proper occupational health procedures and processes to remove and clean mold up from an indoor facility.

Mold is very easy to spread – especially airborne. And the introduction of mold into the human respiratory system can lead to significant medical conditions including bronchitis, asthma, mesothelioma, COPD and some early stage lung cancers.

What Are Typical Professional Mold Removal Techniques?

The EPA takes mold very seriously, which is why they recommend that only a professional mold remediation expert should attempt to remove mold from interior of any building. This is due to the fact that if the proper techniques are not used, it can spread airborne and cause lots of problems. It’s because of this that many experts will begin their removal techniques by wearing protective equipment – such as full respirator masks and protective suits. They then ensure any leaks are fully fixed first – before beginning the mold removal process.

Typically anytime a home owner notices higher humidity levels inside a home after experiencing a water leak, a call to a mold remediation expert should be the next step.

How Do You Test For Mold?

Several retail home improvement stores sell mold testing kits that can identify initial levels of mold inside a building. Some of these test kits include sample testing application devices, while others use a petri-dish type of collector that will take a sample of dust or spores that fall from the air onto the testing device. There are a few mold tests (like those that test for black mold) that can give you instant results at home. However, it’s more typical for mold tests to be taken and reviewed by experts in a laboratory setting.

What is Black Mold?

Commonly referred to as black mold, Stachybotys Chatarum is a toxic mold that can be very hazardous to humans when ingested. This type of mold is very popular in hot weather climates like the Phoenix Valley due to the fact that is tends to grow quickly in homes that have been saturated in water. When you combine intense heat to the equation, you get a high humidity environment that is a food factory for the spread of black mold. Only a professional mold remediation expert should attempt to remove black mold from a home.

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

The process of inspecting, analyzing and removing mold is very delicate and can be time consuming. It’s due to this fact that the average cost can range from a few hundred dollars to mid-thousands of dollars. A professional Phoenix mold removal specialist will inspect walls, crawlspaces, ductwork and attic spaces to make sure that all mold or any potential mold is 100 percent removed.

Anytime you suspect mold of being inside your home, the first call you should make is to a professional contractor that offers mold remediation services in Phoenix. Making this decision could not only protect your home and the valuables – but potentially save a life.


If you are uncomfortable or unsure how to properly treat a mold problem you’re having, call the experts at Peak One Builders & Restoration ~ Call 480-378-0611 Today!

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