When’s the Right Time to Build on Your Own Lot?

When's The Right Time To Build On Your Own Lot?The idea of building your own dream house is thrilling and exciting, to say the least, but it’s also a big step. There seems to be so much you have to cover, and so much to get in place. How do you know that the time is right to start building? Even if you own the lot, have you covered all your bases before you break ground?

It can be tricky to know it’s time to start your build, and you’re excited to get going. Discover when the time might be right to think about whether you should build on your own lot, and how a Scottsdale home builder can get you started.

Are You Ready to Build?

This is the major key factor when building a custom home. It’s a pretty basic question, but it’s also a very big one: are you ready to start building? If you’re ready to go, then by all means, start the process; there’s no time like the present! Of course, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider, such as finding a contractor, getting the designs and permits in place, and your planned move-in date, but it all comes down to being ready to start the process.

Have You Found the Right Contractor?

Finding the right custom home builders for your dream home project is probably the most important aspect of the whole process. Your contractor is going to be your partner in the process. They’ll help you nail down the perfect designs. They’ll pull the permits necessary to get moving. They’ll guide you through the process and if you choose the right professionals, they’ll be easy to talk to and will build a relationship with you that’ll last the length of the project and beyond.

Make sure your contractor is properly licensed and bonded, that they have a legacy of satisfied customers and testimonials, that they’re willing to discuss every aspect of the process with you in plain language, and that they will put everything in writing. Ask all the right questions and do your homework, and settle on a contractor that will do the job right.

Have You Acquired the Designs and Permits You Need?

Before you break ground, make sure you solidify your designs and get all the necessary building permits. Failing to do this will cause your process to stall, delay and run over budget. Your home building contractor will help you with this process.

When Do You Plan to Move in?

Finally, when establishing a schedule for your new home build, consider your move-in date. Work backwards from there using the timeframe you and your home builder set up, and that will give you a solid time to begin your build so that you’ve got the time you need to pack up your possessions and step into your new space.

Working with the right home building company in Troon to see your dream home take shape is a fun and exciting process. Consult with your local custom home builders and get started on your project today!


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