Unique Ideas for a Carefree Backyard Remodel

carefree backyard remodelOne of the benefits to the winter season in Carefree is that the temperature is nice for working outdoors. Combine this fact with the reality that many homeowners typically plan their home backyard remodeling projects as they are looking at tax refunds in late winter and you’ll quickly discover that the time is right to start thinking about what you can do to improve the look, feel, and function of your backyard. Here are a few unique and cost-effective Carefree backyard remodel ideas to spruce up the overall appearance and style of your outdoor space.

Below are some various options to get you in the right mindset when starting planning your backyard remodeling project.

First – Consider Installing Artificial Turf in the Backyard

The use of water is a constant struggle in the desert – and has been for centuries. With more communities in the Phoenix area enacting water restrictions, a major hurdle for homeowners is what they can do to cut back their water usage – without compromising their comfort. This is why the installation of natural appearing artificial turf is rapidly expanding in the Phoenix area. Today’s artificial turf is much more affordable than in years past. Plus, the technology improvements in design make the installation of faux grass look and feel more natural. It’s estimated by the US Department of Energy that homeowners spend about 10% of their water usage on outdoor landscaping. By removing the need to water the grass – you can save your precious water for other activities.

Second – Consider Adding Entertainment Areas in the Backyard

Since the weather is typically sunny during the majority of the year in Carefree, the desire to spend time outdoors is very popular indeed. If you’re going to invest in some upgrades to enhance your entertainment value, there are a few growing trends that are starting to pop up in new custom homes in the Carefree area such as:

  • Installing a Putting Green: many Phoenix area residents play golf, so why not add your own putting green to help that short game?
  • Installing a Bache Ball Court: It’s a fun game that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of space that people of all ages can play.
  • Installing Oversized Game Board: Can you imagine playing life-sized chess in your backyard on a nice spring afternoon?

Third – Upgrade the Pool Area

Having a water feature in a backyard in Carefree is very common. However, being creative about the design, and maximizing space for entertaining. Thanks to improvements in technology, one of the most popular trends is the installation of hidden pools. These very creative systems are basically a pool that is hidden under a platform that can be lowered from as little as one inch to as much as six feet in depth. With a simple flip of a switch, you can transform your backyard from what appears to be a patio to a relaxing pool. This maximizes space and will also make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Many of these backyard remodeling ideas can easily be handled by the local construction contractor in Carefree. However, when you’re considering starting backyard construction; always making sure you work with the right home improvement contractor that has an established reputation for producing quality work – at affordable rates.


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