Carefree Kitchen Remodel [Top Trends]

Carefree kitchen remodelIf you’re interested in giving your Carefree home a fresh look, there’s no better idea than remodeling your kitchen. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you want to be sure that you’re choosing cutting edge trends for your kitchen, which can be difficult as kitchen design is upgrading constantly. Fortunately, with the right information, you should be able to pick design trends for your kitchen, you’ll be sure to love.

Here are a few design trends to consider during your Carefree kitchen remodel so that your project is as successful as possible.

Cabinet Trends

Cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen, providing the storage space that you need for all your important tools. The biggest trend is maximizing space while getting cabinets that function more efficiently. Cabinets that open with a push of a button are growing in popularity, and placing cabinets and drawers in unique layouts is also a hot design trend.

Counter Trends

The most important issue in choosing the countertop for your kitchen is choosing the material. Increasingly, homeowners are going with quartz over granite. Quartz provides the durability and appearance of granite at a fraction of the cost. Some homeowners are also mixing countertop materials to give their counters a unique look.

Appliance Trends

Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen is crucial, and in modern kitchen design, the biggest trend is choosing automated appliances. For instance, you can choose a smart fridge that lets you know when you’re running low on your staple items or a smart stove that turns off your burners when no pots or pans are present. Taking advantage of the automation trend is a great choice if you want your kitchen to feel sleek and modern.

Sink & Faucet Trends

When it comes to sinks and faucets, the trend is installing items that are large enough to meet your kitchen needs. For extra space, many homeowners are installing large farmhouse sinks. It’s also becoming more and more common to choose faucets with large heads and flexible handles. Touch faucets are also a good choice for homeowners looking for a little more utility out of their kitchen sink.

Lighting Trends

The lighting in your kitchen sets the mood for the room, making this one of the most important decisions you can make during your kitchen remodel. When it comes to kitchen lighting, softer light is extremely popular right now, which is why many homeowners are choosing to install LED lighting. LED lights provide several benefits, including the option of choosing multiple colors and the ability to more easily set the tone for your kitchen.

Backsplash Trends

Creativity is the biggest trend when it comes to backsplashes. Homeowners are using their backsplash to reflect their unique style and to make their kitchen their own. For instance, it’s possible to make your backsplash out of reclaimed materials, combine colors or even use a picture as your backsplash. Whatever you choose, you should make sure your backsplash reflects your tastes.


Now that you know about the hottest kitchen design trends, your next step should be to consult with a kitchen remodel contractor in Carefree about your project. A contractor can help you pick the design options that will look great in your Carefree home.


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