Paradise Valley Home Energy Efficiency Checklist

home energy efficiency checklistGreen living isn’t just a buzzword or some trend engaged in by the younger set. It’s an important way of life that’s catching on because it’s not just good for the environment, it’s great for your pocketbook. We expend a lot of energy, and saving it can help our planet recover from a lot of damage over the centuries. It can also vastly lower your utility bills. Use the following important items in your home as part of a home energy efficiency checklist to keep the bills down and live an eco-friendly lifestyle!

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Arizona Home Building Contractor Reveals Ways to Go Green

Arizona Home Building ContractorGoing green is a term used to describe an environmentally friendly approach to life. Individuals that choose to go green eat organic foods and limit their usage of artificial light and resources. Going green is a great way to save the environment and it’s also an excellent way to save money. Solar power systems and geothermal systems are just a couple of examples of green technology for the home. An Arizona home building contractor can help you build an environmentally friendly abode or remodel the current one you have.

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How to Find Energy Efficient Appliances for Green Homes

energy efficient appliances for green homesIt is becoming more and more important that homeowners start investing in green technology where they can. Considering that so much of a home’s energy is used powering our electrical units, you may first want to look into energy efficient appliances for green homes if you are serious about cutting down those painful utility bills at the end of the month. There is a lot of advertising out there, however, claiming that such and such appliance is more efficient than another. This makes it difficult to distinguish the facts from the fiction.

Finding energy efficient appliances does not have to be so tough. Follow these tips instead from your green home building contractors in Scottsdale. Doing so will protect you from choosing faulty appliances later down the line. Read more

Do I Need Special Net-Zero Energy Home Building Permits?

Net-Zero energy home building permitsHomeowners across the country are putting an increased emphasis on making their homes as energy efficient as possible. Not only does energy efficiency save a good deal of money, but it is also environmentally friendly. Net-Zero energy homes provide the most energy efficiency possible by using renewable energy to almost completely make up for annual energy consumption. If you’re considering building a Net-Zero energy home, then you might be interested in the regulations involved in the construction process. Read on to learn about Net-Zero energy home building permits, and how to get one for your Net-Zero home. Read more

ERV vs HRV: Which is Better for Net-Zero Energy Homes?

ERV vs HRVWhen building a net-zero energy home, there are so many factors to take into consideration that it can be confusing to know where to start. Each detail has to be meticulously planned to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. This process can be highly stressful, but the savings in the long run, are worth it.

One decision that homebuilders have to make is choosing ERV vs HRV systems to provide your home with fresh, filtered air. They are balanced ventilation systems that, though more expensive to install than other mechanical ventilation systems, save homeowners in Arizona a lot on operating costs, which is why they are commonly used in net-zero homes. Both are highly energy efficient, but what are the differences?  Read more

3 Benefits of Installing Home Energy Monitoring Systems

Installing Home Energy Monitoring SystemsPart of establishing a more energy-efficient household is understanding what goes into your energy use and what it costs. You can analyze your electricity bill, but it may not be detailed enough for you to make effective changes to reduce your energy costs. You could take a peek at the energy meter that sends information to your power company, but these meters are designed to be read by utility workers and experts, not homeowners, so they are often inconveniently placed and only give basic information.

If you are interested in a more detailed look at your home energy use, you should look into installing home energy monitoring systems that will provide the information you want to you directly. Read more

3 Tips for Cave Creek Energy Efficient Home Remodeling

cave creek energy efficient home remodelingYour house can be the most beautiful one on the block, but that doesn’t mean you have to pass up remodeling opportunities, especially when your home’s efficiency is the main focus. There are several things that can be done to a home during a remodel that will improve the energy efficiency of the entire space. Cave Creek energy efficient home remodeling experts can improve the efficiency of your home, and help you save on bills, without sacrificing style. Read more