Completing a Bathroom Shower Remodeling Project in Phoenix

bathroom shower remodeling projectIt’s amazing how many homeowners in Phoenix are beginning to see the value and fun associated with bathroom remodeling projects. In fact, one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects is making the decision to complete a bathroom shower remodel. And believe it or not, it’s also a project that many homeowners can do it themselves. If you’re looking to start a bathroom shower remodeling project, here are a few important tips to consider that will make the process easier, cost-effective and ensure the job is done right the first time.

3 Tips To Consider When Remodeling A Bathroom Shower

Tip #1 – Begin with an End in Sight

Having a clear and concise plan of attack is always the best course of action for any remodeling project. When you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom shower, it is sometimes best to first consider the end product. A bathroom shower remodel often involves the following individual elements:

  • Changing the shower fixtures
  • Improving the design of shower tiles
  • Refinishing or completely changing the shower basin including adding or subtracting doors, drain, and other features that make the shower unique.

As you can see, there are several individual details you can change with a bathroom shower project. However, the primary reason you want to start with the end design is two-fold:

a)   It will help you to price out materials and any subcontracting work you’ll need to hire. This is very important since it’s often the best way to complete a budget for upgrading your shower.

b)   It will stimulate some creative ideas based on your budget. For example, if you add up the complete cost estimate and you determine that you are a few hundred dollars over budget, you can plan to either use different materials or change the construction process.

The key here is to plan out the entire project first before purchasing any materials or hiring anybody to complete the project.

Tip #2 – Visit Some Trade Shows or Research Ideas Online

Another great idea for planning a positive bathroom shower project is to take in some décor concepts from either home remodeling trade shows or online sources. You’ll discover that by simply looking at other people’s creations often will stimulate your own creative juices. Plus, by visiting a trade show, you can often speak directly with product vendors, interior décor experts and construction contractors that may provide you with detailed tips and ideas that will help streamline your project.

The Internet is also a powerful asset for homeowners looking to improve the function and look of their bathroom showers. There are several blogs that focus only on bathroom remodeling projects that are written by experts in the field. Take some time to read these blogs and articles to explore ideas and learn important lessons or mistakes to avoid during this process.

Tip #3 – Contact a Professional Contractor

Regardless of what type of home improvement project you’re considering, it’s always best to get the input from professionals. Believe it or not, sometimes simply contacting professional Phoenix remodeling contractors that have years of experience in bathroom remodeling projects is a great way to actually save time and money.

Most contractors will take the time to openly discuss your ideas, create an effective plan that will get the job done quickly and with a focus on quality. In many cases, you’ll discover that working with a contractor can significantly simplify your home improvement project and actually save you money in the long run.

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