What Is the Cost of Building a Net-Zero Home in Arizona?

Cost of Building a Net-Zero Home in ArizonaThere are many ways most Americans incorporate energy efficiency into their daily lives. For lots of us, turning off the faucet and separating our recyclables has become second nature. However, some take it even further, incorporating net-zero building technologies into their home design so that their homes’ annual energy consumption is completely offset by their renewable energy systems.

Many families could benefit from building net-zero energy homes, but what do they entail? You may be curious about building an energy-efficient property when it’s time to move to a new home, but perhaps you need to educate yourself on the process first. The cost of building a Net-Zero home in Arizona depends on a variety of factors. Read on for more information provided by Peak One Builders, a Net-Zero home building company in Scottsdale.

What Goes Into Building a Net-Zero Home?

There are many different design factors that go into building a net-zero home. Most, if not all, energy efficient homes run on solar power, so you will have to purchase solar panels for your home’s roof. Doors and windows must be highly insulated—even fiberglass shades that insulate windows will save a ton on energy costs. There are a few different air filtration systems to choose from that are more energy efficient than the traditional filtration systems on the market. Net-Zero homes also incorporate energy efficient appliances, which are easy to research as they generally receive good Energy Star ratings. Even using energy efficient light bulbs (such as LEDs) will help lower your home’s energy consumption.

There are far too many factors that go into building a home of any kind to list all of them here, let alone a net zero home. Hiring the right contractor is key to getting the most out of your net zero home; they will have every single detail planned to make sure your home is just the way you want it.

Renewable Energy Savings

While a net-zero energy home may have significant upfront costs due to the installation of a renewable energy system, it will save you as a homeowner so much in energy costs in the long run that these costs are completely offset. These homes are also highly sustainable, as the energy systems don’t depend on anything but the land they sit on—they will last much longer than even your lifetime, so your energy efficient home will have a very high resale value.

Costs Depend on Customizations

Cost, of course, varies depending on features. The more truly net zero you build your custom home to be, the more you’ll spend on upfront costs. For example, energy-efficient air filtration systems are significantly more expensive than standard ones. However, the more you spend on energy efficiency at the outset, the more you will save on energy costs in the long run—all the while reducing your carbon footprint.


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