building a luxury custom home in scottsdale azVeteran-owned general contractor, Peak One Builders, have been and continue to be the preferred luxury custom home builders in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. We have a complete understanding of the entire custom luxury home building process – and invite you to work with us to craft the custom home of your dreams.

Paying attention to detail from the ground up is of utmost importance to our team, ensuring your home will be constructed with high quality materials in a time-sensitive manner. Our team prides itself on open and transparent communication, flexibility, and desire to ensure there are no questions left unanswered before, during or after the custom home building process.

As such, we use a seven-step process that has shown to achieve positive results for a wide-range of custom home building in the North Scottsdale and North Phoenix areas.

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Peak One Builders Luxury Home Building Process

luxury custom home design in scottsdale arizonaOne of the biggest benefits of a true custom home builder is the level of attention clients will receive. No matter how much money someone is spending, it should always be clear who the customer’s contact is with the home building company, and who is responsible to make sure all the concerns are addressed. By choosing the right builder, a custom home can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable purchases of a lifetime. At Peak One Builders, you will always be working directly with the builder.

Phase 1 – The Introduction

In order for Peak One Builders to begin the home process, we must have a complete understanding of what your finished home will be by understanding your lifestyle, matching your needs, and finally fulfilling your dream. We have a standard information sheet that allows our team to gather important details about your custom home building project prior to the first meeting.

Phase 2 – Choosing your plot of land

building a custom home in scottsdale arizonaThe two biggest issues brought up when people decide to build a custom home are cost and where to build. Peak One Builders currently has lots that you can choose to build on and can offer a list of other available lots through our realtor partners.  Special consideration needs to be discussed regarding home placement on the lot, and consideration for summer and winter sun. For example, the sun will be at almost 90 degrees to the earth in mid June, so window and door placements should be given special attention.  Also consider, what potential homes will be built around you, what site prep is needed, and what advantages a two-story house could lend.  Building envelope size is also an important factor, especially when considering pools, guest houses, and circular driveways, which requires you to have a basic understanding of the size home you will ultimately want, including garages and patios.

Phase 3 – Design and Blueprints

An approach often taken, people will first have their plans drawn by a home designer and then put the plans out for bids. Care must be taken that all builders are bidding the same construction methods and amenities. No matter how detailed the plans, there can be significant variations in what is included. Too many bids can be very confusing. The client should look for a home builder that is willing to spend the time with them to make sure they understand everything that is included in the price. View some existing blueprints at the bottom of this page.

luxury scottsdale home buildingAt Peak One, we prefer to work with local architects that understand the specifics of your area, your HOA, design review committees, architectural guidelines, etc. When working with an experienced designer, they often make the process feel seamless, and they can quickly extract the information necessary to develop a drawing that properly reflects the vision you are trying to achieve.  Architecture is a process more than a style.

Initially we will need to understand what type of home you wish to build such as Tuscan, Spanish Colonial, Adobe, Hacienda, or Contemporary.  We will begin by creating very simple bubble diagrams in order to start shaping your floor plan.  It usually will take a homeowner 2-3 times before we can start building the actual floor plan.

As we shape the floor plan, we will start understanding what finishes you will be looking for such as stonework, flooring, lighting, cabinets, doors, ironwork, etc.  This will then help shape the interior and exterior elevations, and start creating a 3-dimensional feel to your new home.  During this time we typically will involve a designer to help with all of the newly created spaces.  Most of the time up until this point everything is sketched by hand, so that we can easily make changes right in front of you during our design phase.  We feel this is often overlooked due to our busy lifestyles, but pays dividends to you in the long run.

The plans typically are submitted to design review committees (if required), once the floor plans and elevations are completed.  At the same time, we work diligently on the rest of the construction documents paying particular attention to the lighting and HVAC plans.  We will provide many options such as green building materials, solar, home automation, and present it to you in a way that you can easily distinguish the advantages and make your final decisions.  Once the design is approved by any necessary design review committees, we submit to the respective city for plan approval on the entire set of construction documents until the permit is issued.

Phase 4 – Specifications & Plans Review Meeting

luxury master bathroom remodel in scottsdale azThis is the final meeting prior to breaking ground! We will walk through the plans in their entirety reviewing all of your choices you have made, discussing in detail cabinet types, paint colors, flooring, appliances, as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures.  We prefer to meet you on your lot a few days before we break ground and do a ribbon cutting ceremony with the main members of our team, in order to start the construction process out right!  We will toast you with a bottle of champagne as we begin the journey together.

Phase 5 – Pre-Drywall Meeting

Your new luxury home build is moving along, as the rough framing takes place very quickly.  As soon electricians and plumbers rough in their hardware, it’s time to take a good look at your new house!  Sometimes spaces on a plan do not feel the same once it is framed.  Maybe you want to add or move a door or window, or simply add a phone or tv outlet?  Now is the best time to discuss and make all of your changes prior to any drywall being installed.  We will walk you through every room going through every switch and make sure it feels right to you.  Our team will let you know of any suggestions, and we will give you advice on what is the norm and what might be a nice luxury upgrade.

high end home builders in scottsdale azWe will typically meet once every 2 weeks throughout the project on average, in order to make sure we meet your every need.  For out of state clients, we can actively do videos and plenty of pictures to send to you, and prefer that you come out as often as you can given your situation.

Phase 6 – Home Owner Orientation Meeting

Now it is time to turn your dream into reality and move into your new luxury home. Peak One Builders will walk you through every room in the house, explaining how everything works from the appliances to the heating and air conditioning system, as well as explaining all of the homeowner’s responsibilities. Once the orientation is completed, you will be given a binder consisting of everything from the specifications and materials to a list of contacts for all the trades that were used on your home, should any problems arise.

Phase 7 – Warranty

custom built pool and backyard in arizonaYour new home will be warranteed for a period of two and a half years from your move in date.  This is 6 months past what any contractor is required to give, and part of what sets Peak One Builders apart. Peak One Builders will meet with you one month after you have settled in to make sure there are no problems, and then again at the twelve and twenty-third month.

At the end of the process and after you have settled in, you will find that Peak One Builders listened to you every step of the way, offered sound advice, and built a relationship far more than just a builder/client relationship.    You will find that we have set ourselves apart in many ways such as our down to earth yet professional approach, extreme attention to detail,  up-to-date accounting and financial tracking system, extended warranty, and a wonderful luxury home for you to enjoy for years to come.

Peak One Builders will always involve you in the process of building your luxury custom home. The process of building a custom home can be lengthy, however, just like any successful property any good relationship begins on solid ground. By working together with you on this entire custom home building process, we can deliver the home of your dreams.

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3D Design

Custom Scottsdale Home 3D Designs

Luxury Blueprint Design: 3250 SQFT.

Luxury Custom Home Building Blueprint Download [3250sqft.pdf]

luxury custom home building design

luxury custom home building blueprint

Luxury Design: 3340 SQFT.

Luxury Custom Home Building Blueprint Download [3340sqft.pdf]

luxury custom home building exterior designluxury custom home building floor plan




















Peak One Builders distinguishes themselves immediately with the down to earth attitude while maintaining a systematic approach to the process with our dedicated professionals.  Building a custom home is a highly detailed experience, and we manage to incorporate fun into the process.  Our team mentality makes the homeowners feel a part of the process, integrating talented and experienced architects and interior designers.  Every talented person on the team understands what value they bring and each professional has the experience to collaborate with you to fill your wish list.  Your new custom built luxury home should be a reflection of your desired lifestyle, personality, and selections you want to make.

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