5 Custom Kitchens That Would Look Great in Your Scottsdale Home

Custom Kitchens from a luxury remodeling company in Scottsdale that would look great in your homeAn outdated kitchen can be a huge problem spot in a home, and remodeling is a major project. You want to make sure before you start that you’re getting exactly what you want. But with so much to choose from in custom kitchens, how do you decide what your new kitchen will be?

Below are five kitchen styles that will be a beautiful addition to your home. Once you’ve established what aesthetic you’re looking for, the rest is down to the details. Let’s get started.


If you dream of natural light pouring in through lots of windows, this may be the direction to go with your kitchen remodel. White cabinets, glass accents, and a touch of wood make this kitchen a beautiful and refreshing space. In the heat of summer, your kitchen will be the coolest place to be.

White cabinets set the scene for this kitchen remodel. They help to reflect natural light coming in, so even if your kitchen doesn’t have very many windows, the airy effect will be maximized. White cabinets can also make a space seem bigger, which can be a great choice in more compact kitchens.

Glass light fixtures are an exquisite detail in custom kitchens of this style. They add shine to your space without overpowering the space. Glass fronts on a few cabinet doors can also be a great way to open your space.

You may want to add some natural wood features, such as flooring, an island surface, or barstools, as well to help ground your kitchen. Using light wood will help keep everything very light and cool. Incorporating some darker woods will add a bit more drama and contrast without dampening your beautiful space.


If wrought iron, dark wood, and stone features capture your imagination, you may want to look into Tuscan-style custom kitchens. The dramatic style brings to mind imagery of fresh bread, wood stoves, copper pans, and family gathered in close. It can be an excellent choice for your custom kitchen remodel.

Medium to dark wood cabinets are very popular in this style of kitchen. However, sage-colored cabinets can be the perfect way to bring a subtle pop of color to your kitchen. Wrought iron or brushed bronze cabinet pulls will look exquisite no matter which style you choose.

Wrought iron light fixtures are a gorgeous feature to include in your Tuscan-style kitchen, but you do want to be careful about the fixture you select. Because the material is so visually heavy, you want to make sure to choose a light that won’t overwhelm your space. The bigger your kitchen is, the more it will be able to balance a larger wrought iron light fixture.

Light stone is a central component of a Tuscan-style kitchen. This can be worked in in a number of different ways, but among the most effective is if you can build a vent hood structure from it. It can also be stunning as a backsplash or island siding.


Your dream kitchen may be filled with gorgeous, dark wood, granite countertops, and subtle lighting. These custom kitchens are a classic, and are especially stunning in larger or more open plan kitchens. Going with this style remodel will make you feel like royalty every time you walk into your kitchen.

Dark wood cabinets are the centerpiece of this kitchen style. You want to get cabinets that go all the way to your ceiling; the taller, the better. Having a complementary wood floor will also take your kitchen remodel to another level of elegance.

Granite countertops, likewise, are a staple in this kitchen style. Granite is durable, classic, and available in almost any color you like, although a lighter color would pair best with the dark wood of the cabinets. Tan shades will keep your space looking warm, while greys will provide a more modern look.

In this kitchen style, you want the lighting to be very low profile with a few carefully-selected exceptions, such as pendant lights over an island. Recessed lighting will provide an overall sort of glow without distracting from the magnificence of your cabinets and countertops. Stainless steel appliances will keep things looking sharp and will ensure your kitchen is the spectacular space you’ve dreamed of.


If your style runs towards stainless steel, monochromatic color schemes, and minimalistic aesthetics, these custom kitchens will be just what you’ve been looking for. They keep things simple, allowing the clean beauty of the space to speak for itself. This can work equally well in a small space as in a larger one; it’s just a matter of the right design.

White cabinets are the way to go with this kitchen style. They won’t carry the visual weight wood cabinets do; rather, they will allow the attention to move smoothly to the selected focus points of the kitchen. In this kitchen style, less is more, and you don’t want your cabinets to overwhelm.

Stainless steel countertops are really the star of the show, so much as there is one in these custom kitchens. Not only do they look incredibly sleek, they are also easy to clean and maintain. They will coordinate with your stainless steel appliances and make your kitchen look very polished.

As for appliances, you definitely want to go for stainless steel. A glass induction cooktop can be a very cool way to have a low-impact stove, or if you prefer to keep the stove a visual focus, look for a more industrial-style gas stove with a stainless steel vent hood. The grey and white color scheme will allow you to add accents – flowers in the spring and summer, gourds and fruit in the fall and winter – that will be a perfect splash of color in your otherwise pristine kitchen.


For you, a kitchen may primarily be a hearth around which loved ones can gather and good, solid meals can be prepared. If that’s your ideal, you may want to go for a cozy kitchen style. Brick and wood help make these custom kitchens someplace you’ll always love to be.

You can’t beat wood for creating visual warmth in a kitchen, and this style is no exception. Dark wood cabinets help make the space a little cozier, and having wooden barstools can be a nice complement. Make sure you pick a wood color light enough that it won’t overwhelm your space if your kitchen is smaller.

Lighting is very important in this style kitchen. You want to make sure to have plenty of recessed lighting, as well as a few more prominent fixtures. Under cabinet lighting is a good idea, too; the difference between cozy and dungeon is all in the lighting.

The thing that can really cement the warm and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen is brick work. If you can build a brick structure around your vent hood or around a support column, it will add instant texture and warmth to your space. Brick countertops can even be wonderful if done correctly.

Perfect Custom Kitchens

Whatever your dream kitchen is, Peak One Builders can make it happen. Their remodel process starts with a free consultation with you, and includes professional design consultants, licensed contractors, and an attention to detail that will make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home; make yours the perfect heart for you.


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