Expert Tips On How To Repair Fire Damage In Your Phoenix Home

fire damage phoenixFire is one thing that no homeowner ever should have to deal with – especially when you have children inside your home. However, the scary reality is that several homes experience fire damage in Phoenix each year. If you or someone you know has the difficult experience of a fire in the home you’ll want some tips on what to do to begin the rebuilding process.

Four Important Steps To Follow For Fire Damage

Step #1 – Don’t Enter the Home Until Fire Department Gives the All Clear

Although the first thought for home owners is to get inside their homes and inspect the damage done by fire, the first step is to always wait for the fire department to give the all clear signal. Fires can start again even if they are not smoking or if it looks like they are completely extinguished. Plus, fire can cause a lot of structural damage as well. Roofs and flooring can be damaged by fire making them structurally unsafe, which can lead to significant injuries. This is why it’s very important to wait until the fire department has completely verified that there is no potential danger and that the home is safe to enter.

Step #2 – Complete a Basic Walk Around

The next step you need to follow when you have fire damage is to complete a basic walk around your property. This will allow you to have a general idea of the damage that has occurred inside and outside your Phoenix home. Plus, by taking a big-picture approach, it also helps you maintain a bit of clarity in what is a very emotional experience for anybody. Take your time; be very cautious and try not to move anything during your inspection.

Step #3 – Contact your Insurance Agent ASAP

After taking a basic walk around, you’ll want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the fire damage. You won’t know the extent of all the fire damage, however, but it’s critical to file a claim as soon as you can to get the ball rolling. Plus, by being proactive about contacting the insurance company, you also prevent many of the hurdles that come with filing fire damage claims by becoming educated as to the steps that are required.

Step #4 – Contact a Fire Damage Repair Professional for a Complete Inspection

One of the things that most insurance companies will ask you to have completed is to contact a professional fire damage repair contractor to complete an assessment for the insurance company. From time to time the insurance companies will have their own people to complete this step – however, it’s always a good idea to get an independent opinion from a professional that has vast experience in repairing fire damage in Phoenix. During this inspection, the fire damage repair company will check out several individual elements of the home including:

  • Inspecting the electrical system for damage
  • Inspection of all walls, roof, flooring and structure of the home
  • Inspection of water, sewage, appliances and other critical home appliances

Under no circumstances should a homeowner try to do-it-themselves when it comes to fixing fire damage inside a home in Phoenix – or any other city. Fire and the water used to extinguish the fire can cause significant damage to a home. And only a licensed and experienced general contractor with the knowledgebase to safely complete your repairs should be contracted to fix your home.