Fall and Winter Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale: What You Need to Know

Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale What You Need To KnowIt’s official: the air is cooling down and fall is settling in, even in sunny Scottsdale. Many homeowners use this time of the year to close up their pool and put it out of their minds until spring.

However, that could be a mistake. In fact, fall and winter is the perfect time to give your pool a makeover.

If your pool could use a little TLC, here’s what you need to know about pool remodeling in Scottsdale this fall and winter.

Benefits of Fall and Winter Pool Remodeling in Scottsdale

If you ignore the pool renovations you want to make until spring, you’ll be missing out. Here’s why now is the perfect time to start your pool remodeling project.

No Time-Outs

There’s only one reason to have a pool: to enjoy it at your will during the warmer months. If you have to close your pool for a few weeks to make renovations, though, that’s time away from you and your family’s poolside fun.

Instead, the best time to revamp your pool is during a time when you wouldn’t be using it. Chances are that we won’t be seeing pool-worthy temperatures again until spring, so now is a great time to start.

Keep in mind that some renovations could take longer than you expect. Depending on the extent of your renovations, the materials we need to get, and potential issues we may find during the process, the timeline for your pool remodel isn’t 100% predictable.

If you’re remodeling in the fall, you don’t need to worry about pushing to get the job done in a rush.

No Issues with Frozen Ground

It makes sense that people in colder northern climates can’t always remodel their pools in the winter. Their ground tends to freeze in October or November and remain rigid until April or May. This makes it difficult or impossible to dig an in-ground pool.

In beautiful Scottsdale, on the other hand, it’s rare that our temperatures get cold enough to freeze the ground. If they do, it tends to be later in winter. For that reason, fall is the perfect time to start your pool remodel.

More Availability

As we mentioned, most people put their swimming pool out of their minds until spring. When spring does arrive, pool renovation companies get swamped with calls from customers, all wanting their remodel right away.

If you wait until spring to start your renovation, chances are that you’ll need to wait a few weeks or more before the company is available. In the fall and winter, on the other hand, these top-notch teams have far more availability.

As with many service industries, many custom pool contractors charge more during their busier seasons. By scheduling your remodel for the “off-peak season,” you could save money while also getting your project done faster.

The contractor isn’t the only resource you’ll need to compete for in the spring. The same is true with materials for your renovation: everyone wants the same items at the same time. If items are out of stock, it can take several weeks before you can get enough to complete your project.

Less Disruptive Process

Every pool renovation is unique, but in many cases, your contractor will advise you to close your windows during the process. While they work, there will be dust and debris getting into the air. Keeping your windows closed ensures that you won’t get that dust into your home

If you’re like most of us, though, you like to open your windows during the warmer seasons to enjoy an energy-efficient cross-breeze. If you need to close all the windows in the back of your house, it can feel like a large inconvenience.

On the other hand, chances are that you’ll have your windows closed during the fall and winter already. Keeping your windows closed won’t be an inconvenience like it would if you were doing your renovation in the summer.

Fewer Spring Projects

Spring is a busy time of year for homeowners everywhere. As you prepare for warmer weather, you’ll be revamping your landscaping, making exterior repairs you didn’t want to do when it was cold, upgrading your outdoor living space, and much more.

Why add one more project to the list? By taking care of your pool renovation now, it will free up your schedule for all the necessary projects.

This applies to your budget as well. Few homeowners have the budget to take on lawn repairs, home exterior projects, and a pool renovation at the same time. Spreading it out can help to prevent sticker shock.

Reasons You Might Want to Remodel Your Pool

Now you know the best time to renovate your pool, but how do you know if your pool needs the remodel in the first place? Here are some popular reasons to consider a pool renovation.

You Want to Upgrade and Add Features

We all have a wish list in our heads of ways we want to improve our home. Your pool is no exception. Upgrading with popular pool features offers benefits for the whole family.

Perhaps you’d like to complement the pool with an in-ground hot tub. Maybe you want to add a slide for the kids or a fountain for some added style. If your pool could use some improvement, now is the time to get started.

You Want a More Energy-Efficient Pool

If your pool is more expensive to run than you expected, you’re not alone. Between powered filters, temperature controls, and more, the electric bill can be a tough pill to swallow.

If you want to make your pool more energy-efficient, a remodel can accomplish that. There are plenty of ways to make your pool more “green,” like changing the filter system or replacing your underwater lighting, and your contractor can help.

Your Pool Has Leaks or Problems You Need to Fix

We know that you have plenty of projects you want to allocate your home upgrade budget to, and no one wants to spend it on fixing pool damage. In reality, though, many leaks and other pool issues can get worse the longer you put them off.

As your pool sits around all winter, any damage can amplify. Instead, use this time to fix the problems instead of watching them worsen and looking the other way.

Getting a Beautiful Pool By Spring

We know that you’re ready to focus your attention on the upcoming holidays, but don’t ignore your pool in the meantime. A fall or winter pool renovation in Scottsdale can be the perfect way to have an upgraded, fun-ready pool by spring.

For more great tips on adding value to your home, check out our custom home blog.


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