Five Ways To Save Energy During Our Hot Summers in Arizona

Ways to Save Energy during AZ SummersWhen it gets hot in Arizona, we all feel the financial pinch. A common reality of living in the desert is that our energy consumption rates often skyrocket during the hot summer months. Whether it’s due to the AC units running frequently or the constant use of swimming pools, the truth is that many homeowners often need to find efficient ways to save energy during AZ summers. Fortunately, we have a few tips especially for those that are looking into remodeling their homes soon.

Three Upgrades That Save Money During Our Hot Arizona Summers

First – Consider Upgrading to Energy Star® rated Major Appliances

Buying a new major appliance when you remodel a home might seem counterproductive, however, this idea has significant merit. We all know that as technology improves, so does efficiency. However, new US Department of Energy regulations have set forth tremendous requirements for energy efficiency in newly manufactured major appliances. This standard is known as Energy Star® rating. A new HVAC system that is Energy Star® rated has been shown to use between 20-35% less energy to produce similar comfort levels than older systems. And when you’re goal each summer is to save money and energy when it’s hot outside in Arizona, it simply makes sense to invest in a more energy efficient machine.

Second – Consider The Type Of HVAC System You Plan To Upgrade

Buying an Energy Star® rated major appliance is one way to save money and energy during summer, however, it’s also important to consider what type of product you plan to purchase. In recent years, HVAC manufacturers such as Trane, Day & Night and others have introduced new technology that relies on our earth’s natural resources (natural cool and heat) to keep your home a consistent temperature. These units are called Heat Pump systems. A heat pump unit, when properly installed can save between 50-60% on monthly utility bills compared to older AC units. When you add up those savings, the new heat pump system can pay for itself rather quickly.

Third – Look Into Better Window Coverings

The reality of life is that where there is sunlight, there is heat. In fact, did you know that by simply blocking the sun from entering your home, you could reduce the temperature inside by as much as 20 degrees naturally? This is why a great idea for saving energy each month during those hot summer days in Arizona is to consider buying better window coverings such as retractable window shades. These new systems are usually installed on the inside of your windows, so you don’t have to worry about our extreme weather elements burning or damaging them. Many homeowners that complete a remodeling project often overlook these rather inexpensive upgrades. But, when properly installed and used correctly, you can save a ton of money each month on utility bills.

These three items might seem to be rather expensive. However, by looking at the big picture, you’ll quickly discover how easily they can and often pay for themselves. When you’re looking for the best ways to save energy during hot AZ summers consider a few of these wholesale changes. You will be surprised how quickly these smart investments in overall comfort and energy conservation will pay dividends.

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