Flood Restoration In Scottsdale Can Come From a Simple HVAC Leak

Flood Restoration Scottsdale How A Bad HVAC Systems Can Lead To Home Flood Restoration

Although most flood damage in Scottsdale, Arizona occurs during the stormy monsoon season, one highly overlooked cause of indoor flooding can be attributed to HVAC units. It’s no secret that we use our air conditioning a lot during the hot summer months in Arizona, however, one thing not commonly known is that this additional use also tends to create a ton of condensate that needs to be properly disposed of. And when the condensate coils of the air conditioning plumbing system fail, it could lead to possible damage inside your home and the need to have flood restoration in Scottsdale.

HVAC Flood Damage

For the most part, the State of Arizona is relatively dry. However, from July till August, when we get a ton of rain and thundershowers, our homes tend to develop a lot of humidity. It’s the job of an AC unit to remove this humidity from inside our homes. With so much additional humid air, sometimes our systems become overworked and the excess water has nowhere to go but your basement or bottom floors.

Some of the damage that can occur inside your home due to a leaking HVAC unit includes the following:

  • Damage to carpet. If your HVAC system is leaking water inside your home, the first thing that often becomes damaged is the flooring. And when you have carpet installed, like several homeowners in Scottsdale do, the results can be devastating. Standing water and carpet simply don’t mix. And if the water soaks below your carpet and into the pad and the floorboards, it could mean that your entire flooring needs to be replaced.
  • Damage to walls. If you have a lot of water that ends up inside your home, another potential area that can become damaged is the wall. Water and drywall simply don’t mix very well. Drywall is, well, dry and tends to absorb water very quickly. The result is that the drywall will swell and become brittle. And when this occurs, it means that the drywall needs to be replaced.
  • Damage to electrical systems. As we all know, water and electricity is an explosive and potentially dangerous combination. However, when water seeps into an electrical socket, it can and often does, destroy the socket and the supporting wires behind it. It can also cause the main circuit breakers to trip and even cause some damage to the primary board as well.
  • Damage to furniture. Obviously, if water is deep enough inside your home, it can cause extensive damage to your furniture.
  • Potential mold issues. Although Arizona is not a common location for mold issues, if you leave your home for an extended period and have this type of HVAC system flooding, it could possibly lead to mold collecting inside your home.

As you can clearly see, HVAC system flooding can lead to significant damage inside your home requiring flood restoration in Scottsdale. If you are the victim of HVAC flooding or if your home was damaged due to flash flooding caused by extensive rain, a good solution is to contact a professional flood restoration company in Scottsdale that has experience in providing affordable and comprehensive repairs in the Phoenix metro area and surrounding cities.

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