Fun Swimming Pool Remodel & Backyard Projects For Arizona Homes

swimming pool remodel scottsdaleIt can get downright hot in Arizona during the summer and there is nothing better than spending time in your swimming pool when it’s over 100-degrees outside. That’s why one of the growing projects in recent years is a swimming pool remodel designed to enhance the overall experience that a family can have in their backyards. For those that have considered upgrading their backyards and swimming pools in Arizona, here are a few things you should think about adding that will provide you with hours of comfortable entertainment options all-year-long.

Three Elements To Add To Your Backyard Or Swimming Pool Remodel

First – Add a Full Service Outdoor Kitchen Area

One of the biggest hassles of owning a swimming pool is that more often than not, somebody has to stay indoors and prepare food for those that are enjoying the outdoors. But, a solution to this problem that keeps you socializing during an outdoor party in Arizona is adding a full-service outdoor kitchen to your backyard. Believe it or not, this type of remodeling project can be very simple to complete.

Traditionally, an outdoor kitchen will include the following appliances and features:

  • A small refrigerator for storing cooking ingredients
  • A two-range outdoor grill with two stove tops for cooking additional items
  • A sink for clean-up and food preparation
  • A patio cover to keep you covered from the sun or to enjoy the outdoors even during those summer monsoon rain storms

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be huge but adding this feature to your swimming pool remodel will definitely pay off as you can enjoy outdoor cooking all year long.

Second – Add a Fire Pit

Another fact about Arizona summers is that many pool owners tend to enjoy nightly swimming. This is especially popular with people that have children living at home. One thing that would really help your backyard become the ‘cool’ place for everybody to visit is adding a socializing fire pit area. Again, this is a project that is rather simple to complete for an experienced general contractor that includes a few important elements:

  • Pick a location that is away from the direct swimming area. You want to make sure that your fire pit is at least 6 feet from any pool area, as you don’t want people slipping around your fire pit.
  • Install seating arrangements. Any good fire pit is all about socializing. So make sure you have good comfortable seating installed.
  • Consider adding a sand area. Transform your backyard to have a beach element. Nothing is as comfortable as placing your feet in the sand and enjoying a relaxing, cozy fire.

Third – Install Backyard Hammocks

Finally, one of the quickest growing trends in backyard swimming pool remodeling is the installation of hammocks. Believe it or not, you don’t need to have two huge palm trees in your backyard in order to accomplish this step. Many homeowners have professional landscaping companies install two decorative posts along with a large umbrella or palm-tree type cover to keep them well protected from the hot sun. Plus, being able to relax in an outdoor hammock really is relaxing.

Regardless of what you consider, take time to contact a professional renovation contractor in Scottsdale that has experience in upgrading and completing swimming pool remodeling projects before completing any work. You’ll quickly discover that they can be a very good source of education and information that will permit you to complete an attractive and affordable swimming pool remodel in Arizona.

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