Top 4 Functional Kitchen Layouts Scottsdale Residents Love

Functional Kitchen LayoutsOne of the most popular rooms to be remodeled in Arizona is the kitchen. And with so many design features, layouts, color patterns and such to choose from, creating that perfect upgraded kitchen has never been easier – or has it? The truth is that sometimes having several options to choose from can lead to over-thinking, spending way too much money and having this fun experience transform into a nightmare. And the best way to begin any kitchen remodeling project is to pick a functional kitchen layout that works best for your individual needs.

Popular Kitchen Layouts

In order to help you along this process, we are here to provide you with a great starting point. Here are four of the most popular – yet highly functional kitchen layouts that are beginning to show up in new homes across the country, as well as several remodeling projects in Arizona.

The Galley Kitchen

The ‘galley’ kitchen layout is perfect for smaller kitchens that can be designed stylish – yet be extremely easy to navigate. Essentially a ‘walk-through’ kitchen design, a galley kitchen has two walls that oppose each other and two countertops with a walkthrough area in between the two. The great thing about galley kitchen layouts is that they maximize space – in every aspect. From the flexibility to install unique and custom cabinetry to easily installing most major appliances, the galley kitchen layout is one that is great for people wanting to keep things simple.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

If maximizing corner space is your primary objective, the L-Shaped kitchen layout could be right up your alley. Seen primarily in smaller to medium sized kitchen, the extremely diverse L-Shaped kitchen layout is often associated with countertops located on two-separate walls forming an ‘L’ shape. The primary benefit of this kitchen layout is that you eliminate traffic as it’s simply impossible for people to walk through this type of kitchen in high-volume. The L-Shaped kitchen is a great option for individuals who are looking for function and ease of access in their kitchen as opposed to entertaining multiple people.

The Horseshoe Layout

The popular U-shape or ‘Horseshoe’ kitchen layout consists of three walls of appliances and cabinets. Essentially, this design is an L-shaped kitchen with an island that takes the place of the third wall. For people looking for a functional kitchen that can also be used to entertain people the horseshoe layout seems to be growing in popularity. It’s also easier for people to be creative with horseshoe layouts since several different homes – especially larger homes – can incorporate a custom-horseshoe designed kitchen.

Kitchen Island Layouts

One of the more opulent kitchen layout designs will include an island. Most working islands inside a kitchen will feature appliances, sinks or additional cabinetry, while several others in some cases actually include a second oven, grills and even full service bars. Most people love to include an island due to the fact they can add barstools to increase eating space, increase workspace by installing a sink or even entertain by adding a wine cooler. A common misconception however, is that any ‘upscale’ kitchen needs to have an island. The fact is that some kitchen layouts simply won’t accommodate an island.

How About A Professional Designer?

You may be surprised to hear that a professional designer is only about 4% of your total project budget. So, why not consider using a designer so you can leverage their expertise to save you time, peace of mind and money knowing that you’re maximizing the functional use of your space.

Whether you hire a professional, remember the primary goal of any kitchen remodeling project is to start with a foundation and functional kitchen layout that works best for your individual needs and available space. I’m going to suggest you seek the advice of professional kitchen remodeling contractors before you purchase any materials and above all else; take the proactive measures to learn as much as you can to keep this process fun; yet affordable.