Kitchen Remodel: Granite vs. Marble vs. Quartz Countertops

granite vs. marble vs. quartz countertopsAfter the general floorplan and design of your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is that of countertop material. Your countertops are the heart and soul of your kitchen. They’re where you make food, where you live and work. Modern kitchens generally lean towards natural stone in the form of granite, marble or quartz, but which is the best? Explore the advantages of granite vs. marble vs. quartz countertops so you can make the right choice in your kitchen remodeling and renovation project.

Granite Countertops: the Pros and Cons

When it comes to deciding which type of countertop is the best for your needs, granite is one of the most consistently popular choices out there. It’s incredibly solid and strong and can take a great deal of punishment. It doesn’t stain easily and doesn’t hold watermarks. It’s hard to break it, scratch it or crack it and it’s available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, from tan to gold to off-white to peach to gray to brown and blue.

You are, however, limited to natural colors as it’s harder to enhance than other kinds of natural stone counters. It also has to be sealed on a semi-regular basis to ensure that it stays solid and stable, and doesn’t lose color.

Marble Countertops: the Pros and Cons

Marble is another highly popular material for counters, and it bespeaks luxury. It is also sturdy and carries a gorgeous pattern that will be completely unique to your countertop. It’s smooth and very easy to clean up since it’s not as porous as granite.

However, it does tend to stain and can be very sensitive to acidic cleaners. Generally, it needs a high-grade sealant.

Quartz Countertops: the Pros and Cons

Quartz is less common than granite or marble but may be the most stunning and unique choice you can make. It comes in just about any color you can imagine and is completely nonporous. It requires next to no upkeep and does not require sealant at all. It also tends to stay cool due to its composition, and won’t have as many variances as granite or marble.

However, unlike the other two varieties, quartz is generally not 100% natural but is made from crushed quartz combined with resin and dyes.


There are a lot of choices to make when remodeling a kitchen, and while the choice of which countertop material to use is an important one, it’s far from the only choice you’ll need to make. From the floor plan you pick to the eyelines you create, from flooring material to wall backsplashes and décor, from cabinets to appliances, it seems that the decisions never end.


It can be really difficult to determine where to go when the time comes to start your renovations planning. That’s why you should always look for help from an experienced kitchen remodel specialist in Scottsdale. A kitchen remodel specialist will be ready to apply their experience to your specific needs to get you through the confusion — and build you the kitchen of your dreams. Get started on your next project today!


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