Haboobs in Arizona: Tips to Stay Safe during Massive Dust Storms

Haboobs in ArizonaIf you’ve lived in Arizona for any period of time, you know how powerful and dangerous those haboobs in Arizona can become. From the serious damage they can cause a home, to the significant danger they cause to drivers trapped in a haboob while on the road, the truth is that nobody wants to deal with these freakish summertime storms. However, they are a reality of southwestern living. We have provided a few simple tips that anybody should follow every time a haboob is approaching that when followed, could save you time and even potentially save your life.

Life Saving Tips During An Approaching Dust Storm

Tip #1 – Safe Driving Tips When Approaching A Haboob In Arizona

A haboob can pop up out of thin air. So it stands to reason that the majority of the time, you’ll experience a haboob in Arizona while you are traveling on the road. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, here are a few things you should do to prevent injuries or accidents during an Arizona haboob.

  • First – Pull off the road and turn off all lights, including your emergency flashers.
  • Second – Roll Up Your Windows.
  • Third – Wait it out.

Before you head back onto the road, take a few minutes to clear off your windshield of any dirt that is impairing your vision. You’ll also want to make sure you clear out the ventilation ducts that draw air into your AC system before turning that back on.

Tip #2 – Tips For Protecting Your Home From Haboob Damage

One of the leading causes of damage to outdoor items, like patio furniture, swimming pool equipment and other items are the haboobs that hit the Phoenix area. There are a few things that Phoenix homeowners should do to prepare themselves for the Haboob season.

First, make sure you have a plan of action when a haboob is approaching. Typically the Phoenix media is pretty good about warning people where and when haboob storms hit. In this emergency plan you’d include a few important items:

a) Make sure you have covers for your outdoor equipment. Sometimes a simple tarp with some bungee cords attached is good enough to protect these items from being damaged.

b) Make sure you close all windows and doors before the haboob hits. Just like being in a car, you don’t want that dirty air coming into your home.

c) Also, make sure to turn off the AC system.

Second, after the haboob in Arizona has hit your house, there are a few items you should immediately check:

a) Check the gas line to make sure it’s not leaking. If it is, or you notice the smell of gas, turn it off immediately.

b) Check the AC Unit to make sure that it’s not coated in dirt or debris. If it is, carefully wash it off before turning the unit back on.

c) Check for any damage to your home.

If you notice that there has been damage to your house, contact your insurance company immediately. They’ll most likely permit you to contact storm damage restoration in Phoenix to help repair any damage done by those haboobs in Arizona.

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