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The roof is the one part of a house that really protects occupants against the elements. Wind, rain, sun and any inclement weather is constantly beating down on the roof of your house and this combination can have dire effects. Using a quality roofing contractor and superior roofing materials means that you will be protected from all but the harshest of these conditions. However, when the weather really strikes, there is very little we can do to ensure the integrity of our roof. Storm damage repair can be costly, however, it is much cheaper than leaving it to get worse and worse.

Why you shouldn’t do storm damage repair yourself

storm-damage-restoration-scottsdale-phoenix-az-002Regardless of the quality of your roofing and how well you look after it, certain circumstances invariably lead to damage that must be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid further, much more costly damage to the roof and to the structure of the home itself. Paying for good storm damage restoration in Scottsdale is absolutely essential in maintaining the integrity of your home, and having the storm damage repair done quickly is also vital. Small cracks or holes can quickly lead to bigger problems so you should get a quote from a trusted and respected Scottsdale restoration contractor as soon as you possibly can.

Look for Signs of Storm Damage Around Your Property or Neighborhood

1.  ROOFS:  Look for obvious signs of torn, curled or blown-off shingles, dented vents, dented gutters, etc.  Don’t climb on the roof.  Leave that to a professional.

2.  WINDOWS:  Cracks in the windows and skylights, or visible damage around the window panes?  Are there any tears in your window or porch screens?

3.  HVAC:  Check your air conditioning unit for damage – dents or dimples to the exterior casing, fins, etc.

4.  Inspect AWNINGS, CARPORTS, FENCES, GUTTERS, DECKS, and PATIOS for scuff marks or dents.  Also inspect the STUCCO for any scuff marks, cracks, chips, or dents.

5.  WATER INTRUSION:  Look for water stains on the ceiling, particularly in corners, around light fixtures, and around the chimney.  Also check the attic for water seepage or wet insulation.  It is important to detect and repair any sources of water intrusion as early as possible to prevent potential mold growth.

6.  Look around the neighborhood.  Do you see, or do you recall seeing suddenly more contractors in your neighborhood than usual?  Have you noticed a number of roofers posting advertising signs around your neighborhood?


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