Seniors & Veterans Leaning on Handicap Home Builders in Scottsdale

Handicap home builders in ScottsdaleWhen President Barack Obama visited the Phoenix metro area this past March, his visit was primarily focused on discovering what solutions have been provided to fix a damaged Veterans Affairs facility. However, he also took time to visit Sergeant Cory Remsburg; a US Army Specialist that received a recently remodeled home completed by a team of handicap home builders in Scottsdale. But Sergeant Remsburg is not alone. In recent years, there has been an increased need for seniors and returning military hero’s to have upgrades made to their Scottsdale homes for safety and improved quality of life.

Here are several of the benefits that senior citizens and veterans can receive by moving to the Scottsdale community and working with handicap home builders that can easily update their homes to help them enjoy their time in the Valley of the Sun.

First – Scottsdale Living Removes Cold Weather from the Equation

For people that have lived in cold weather communities in recent years, finding a warm and dry environment to live is a very intriguing proposition. Scottsdale offers people this type of comfortable living arrangement and many home builders in Scottsdale offer custom home remodeling and handicap upgrades that allow people to enjoy the weather much easier.

Some of the ways these home builders improve living conditions for people that might have issues with mobility include:

  • Building wheelchair accessible entries for the home.
  • Expanding doorways and hallways to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs
  • Adding custom flooring that is slip and fall resistant
  • Building backyard patios and decks that are wheelchair accessible

People often move to Scottsdale because of the weather. By working with a custom home builder that has experience making improvements to homes for people with physical limitations, you can enjoy the temperate climate much easier.

Second – Scottsdale is a Growing Hub of Veteran-based Home Improvement Organizations

When Sgt. Remsburg came home from Afghanistan, he faced multiple surgeries to simply stay alive. However, once his path to recovery was activated, a community gathered together to ensure that this American Patriot had the right home and resources needed to expedite his recovery and to live a higher quality of life. A leading organization that helped was Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors Foundation. Working with several local home builders and contractors in the Phoenix metro area, JAHWWF found affordable ways to upgrade Sgt. Remsburg’s home to eclipse ADA requirements.

However, the growing show of community support during this project spurred a recent expansion of other veteran affairs groups dedicated to helping them make the required improvements to their homes. Scottsdale is a community that often finds its best people in times of need. And custom home builders in Scottsdale that offer custom upgrades to help people with physical limitations are a critical part of this community.

Third – Seniors Can Customize Their Scottsdale Homes to Fit their Needs

Another reality of living in Scottsdale is that home contractors have the flexibility of working all year long. When somebody wants to have improvements done to their home, they shouldn’t have to wait for the snow to melt. This is a major reason why senior citizens that have a desire to move to Scottsdale can feel comfortable knowing that if their home needs some fine-tuning remodeling for safety reasons there are several contractors available to complete this work quickly. Most importantly however, they’ll make sure the job is completed on time, correctly the first time and always within a determined budget.

Handicap home remodelers in Scottsdale will work with you to customize a solution that not only meets your current restrictions, but also will factor in potential future issues. Regardless of their age or physical limitations, people living in Scottsdale have multiple options for making improvements to their homes. If you’re currently living in Scottsdale or wish to move to this community and need to make adjustments to your home, contact the handicap home builders in Scottsdale to speak with them about any concerns you might have – and how they can help you enjoy your time living in Scottsdale.


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