Choosing the Best and Highest R-Value Wall Insulation for AZ

highest r-value wall insulationBuilding an energy efficient home is an increasingly popular option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint or cut energy costs. However, these can be complicated structures that should only be undertaken by a trained professional energy efficient home builder. Otherwise, you might not be receiving the full benefits of net-zero energy homes. One of the common mistakes is not selecting the proper wall insulation, which renders many advantages moot. You should therefore always look to find the highest r-value wall insulation available.

Your team of Phoenix Arizona net-zero home building contractors should have many years of experience helping people make their homes more efficient, who would also like to share this knowledge with you. It starts by understanding the r-value of your wall, which refers to its level of thermal resistance. Knowing this will help you select the right insulation.

What Zone Do You Fall Under?

To find the right r-values for your home, you need to know what zone your home falls under. This depends mostly on your location and the associated climate of that region. For example, the southernmost tip of Florida into the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii fall under Zone 1. Farthest north, all of Alaska falls under Zone 7, while select areas in remote Canada and beyond are classified Zone 8.

Depending on where exactly you live in Arizona will determine your specific zone: i.e. parts of southern Arizona are Zone 2, while more northern sections are Zone 5. Each zone has specified r-values, so it is important to figure out your zone early.

What Conditions Will Your Home Face?

When determining the right r-values for your home, you will need to take into consideration the conditions your home can hope to expect. This mostly covers external factors, such as weather and climate. If you live in a very humid area, for example, you will need to configure your r-values to account for that. Same goes for very cold and dry climates.

Have You Asked Your Original Home Builder?

When you have determined your zone and have a good grasp of the conditions your home will face, it might be time to reach back out to your original home builder to learn more about the property and expected insulation and energy concerns. To be fair, you should always look to do this whenever buying a new property, but it becomes especially important when making the switch to net-zero homes.

Contact Your Builders Today!

Just knowing r-values is not going to make your home more efficient. Energy use comes in a variety of applications throughout the home, and you will need the help of professional net-zero home builders to ensure that your walls are getting the right insulation installed correctly.

The contractors you choose for the job should look forward to educating homeowners on energy efficient practices, guaranteeing you a home as comfortable as it is practical.


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