Home Improvement Trends Reflects Changing Dynamics

Home Improvement TrendsIt’s no secret that the demographics of the United States are rapidly changing. Gone are the days of 2.5 kids, a white picket fence and one dog. Today’s collective country is aging – and with more large family homes quickly evolving to fewer full-time occupants, several homeowners are taking proactive measures to remodel a home to suit their current needs. It is for this reason and many more that many of today’s popular home improvement trends are focused on comfort as opposed to expansion.

Home Improvement Trends Focused On American Current Needs

Here are a few growing home improvement trends based on the evolving landscape of the United States:

Increase in Energy Efficiency

One of the most popular attributes that homeowners seek in any home improvement project is to increase the energy efficiency of their older homes. They can accomplish this through several different home improvement projects including:

  • Replacing older major appliances with new, Energy Star® rated units
  • Installing new windows or window seals in order to reduce the amount of lost air inside the house
  • Upgrading the homes ductwork, sealing the ductwork or repairing it to keep cold and warm air from escaping the house

Each of these individual steps has been shown to significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of virtually any home. The bottom line is that when the kids are leaving home, parents are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses in order to save up for retirement or permit them to have more disposable income, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Remodeling To Suit Medical Needs

Another reality of life is that our baby boomer generation is getting older. And as we age, our bodies tend to wear down or we become more prone to injuries that can and often do impact our daily lives. It’s due to this fact that another growing trend in home remodeling is making improvements to a home that allow us to live safer lifestyles or accommodate injuries or medical conditions. Some of these improvements include:

  • Adding hand rails or upgrading bathrooms to non-slip flooring to ensure safety
  • Installing wheel chair access ramps inside homes
  • Upgrading kitchens with easier to access and operate appliances, cabinets and safer flooring

Converting Bedrooms to Entertainment or Storage Rooms

As our children leave home for college or to start their own lives, another growing home improvement trend is to convert their bedrooms into entertainment, guest or storage rooms. This type of home remodeling project is rather simple to complete as the majority of the time it requires very little construction – just addition or subtraction of certain furniture products. As current home ownership average age increases in the next few years, we will see more of these types of home improvement projects.

On the flip side, some homeowners are looking to increase livable space inside their current homes. This is why another popular home improvement trends for existing homeowners is adding a new bedroom or bathroom for guests (especially grandchildren). This type of home improvement project tends to add value to a home, which is another reason why several homeowners in Arizona are choosing to expand their homes as they get older.

The key to making any home improvement is to consider the needs of you and your family for the long term. Adding safer home additions, upgrading or adding storage or livable space and increasing the energy efficiency of any property are smart ways to provide more equity to your home, reduce your monthly costs and save more money each month.