3 Crucial Steps To A Home Makeover In Phoenix After A Disaster

home makeover in PhoenixEverybody has heard the expression – ‘turn lemons into lemonade’; but how do you explain this to a family that just lost their home due to a disaster? Experiencing the loss or significant damage to a home is quite arguably one of the hardest realities a family or individual can face. Sometimes however, bad situations can be a prime opportunity to complete a home makeover in Phoenix.

Here are a few suggestions on how to transform a home disaster due to fire, flood or another tragic event into an upgrade and positive home makeover project.

Step #1 – Get your ducks in a row – FIRST

When you experience any damage to your home due to fire, flooding, earthquake or any other tragic event, it’s important to have a plan on how you’re going to deal with this issue and move forward. Most insurance experts believe that all homeowners should follow a certain method or process when significant damage to a home occurs:

  • First, make sure the fire department has given you 100% approval to reenter the home. Safety is always the most important thing; so always wait until the fire department has completely inspected the home before you head back in to take inventory of damage.
  • Second, contact your homeowners insurance ASAP and file a claim.
  • Third, speak with the insurance adjuster about options you have to rebuild. During this process it is very important to clarify every aspect of your individual policy and what the insurance company wants you to do during the rebuilding process. Sometimes homeowners tend to believe that they can make any changes they’d like, only to discover that the insurance company would not cover those expenses. Before you move forward, you must get clarification.

Step #2 – Meet with an Experienced Home Remodeling Company

Once you’ve got everything outlined, understand what you can and can’t afford to complete during your home remodeling project in Phoenix, the next step is to schedule a meeting with a phoenix home remodeling contractor that has extensive experience in repairing and remodeling homes after damage has occurred. Contrary to popular belief, not every contractor has the same experience. And working on a home that has been damaged due to fire, flooding or other catastrophic events is a specialty that requires extensive training, understanding of code enforcement and other specific skills.

An experienced home restoration company in Phoenix will work with you to customize a home makeover that will fit your budget, your insurance requirements and also consider possible ways to improve the condition of your home – and potentially avoid the possibility of future damage.

Step #3 – Consider this as an Opportunity instead of Crisis

Arguably the most important step for an individual or family looking to rebuild is an emotional one. It’s critical for you to realize that you can’t change the past or change the outcome of the events that occurred. The only thing you can control is your outlook on the future. Working with an experienced home remodeling contractor will also be advantageous, as they’ve worked with hundreds of people that have been in the same situation you currently are facing. Many of these contractors will guide you through the entire process – always placing an emphasis on overall safety of everybody involved. But, they also are known to make this process an enjoyable one for everybody.

Remember, just because your home was damaged –  doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild stronger. Take this opportunity to complete a home makeover in Phoenix and make changes to your house that will help you enjoy and appreciate living at home.

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