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When you’re looking to have a professional contractor complete your upscale home remodeling in Desert Highlands AZ – Peak One Builders & Restoration is ready to take on the job. Our luxury home construction company has established a solid reputation in custom high-end home renovations across the Valley. Our attention to detail, combined with our creative excellence in design allows us to complete any luxurious renovation or remodeling project no matter how big the task.

Our company offers several customized luxury home remodeling projects in Desert Highlands such as:

The Process at Peak One Builders & Restoration

Peak One Builders & Restoration is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. This begins with our invaluable and proven methodology for remodeling high-end homes in Desert Highlands and has been fine-tuned over the years to streamline the complete construction process.

Here is how we start and complete this process.

Step #1 – Project Consultation

luxury home remodeling services desert highlands scottsdale azAll construction projects at Peak One Builders & Restoration begin with the intricate details of your renovation project. This is why the first step in our process is to meet individually with each client. During this first consultation, we will address all aspects of your luxury home remodeling project and delve into all of the luxurious home upgrades you’d like. Our primary goal is to move forward at a pace comfortable for you while producing high-quality work that suits your style.

We will also identify the refined amenities that you’d like to include on your priority list including:

  • Your wish lists, budget expectations and timelines for the project.
  • Permits, contracts and other fine details that can expedite the luxury home remodeling project legally and efficiently.
  • Ample references. We are happy to discuss past luxury home renovation jobs that are similar to yours and even provide references.

Step #2 – Phase & Milestone Planning

Creating a detailed plan of how your remodeling project will be completed is our next phase in the Peak One Builders & Restoration process. In order to complete a home remodeling project in Desert Highlands that you’ll be proud of, we will develop an all-inclusive project outline so that we can complete your perfect home remodeling project on time.

We will outline all phases of the construction process such as:

Step #3 – Open Communication During the Entire Process

Our job is not complete until you are totally happy. Once we’re finished with the remodeling project, we’ll make sure everything is completed to your standards and we will check in with you periodically to ensure you are not having any issues.

If you’re looking to complete luxury home remodeling in Desert Highlands AZ – reach out to our team today for a free quote. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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