Home Safety Tips Guaranteed To Benefit Retired Home Owners

home safety tipsMany retired adults choose to move to Arizona for the warm weather and beautiful scenery. It’s important to enjoy this time of your life and you can create additional peace of mind by knowing your home is set up in a way that suits your individual needs. You might be surprised to learn that most injuries that occur to aging adults often occur inside their homes – and in many cases can be avoided by employing a few home safety tips. In order to avoid a some of the more common accidents that retired adults tend to have inside their homes, below you’ll find a few important areas of your home to consider and some important home safety tips worth taking note of.

Protect Your Family With These Important Home Safety Tips

Always Make Sure The House Is Free of Obstructions

The leading cause of household injuries for seniors is a trip or fall caused by an obstruction inside the house. This is why the first home safety tip for any individual is to ensure that all walkways are free of obstructions that could cause slips and falls. Here are a few specific areas to consider:

Check Transition Areas: One of the most common areas where seniors fall inside their home is over a flooring transition area. This often occurs where the carpet inside the home transitions to tile or wood flooring inside another room. A great safety tip for retired adults to consider is to simply be aware of these potential fall hazards, and ensure there are no other obstructions in the way that might make it difficult to walk past this area.
Be Aware of Electrical Cords: Another leading cause of accidental falls is due to a trip over an electrical cord. There are several devices inside a home, from major appliances to televisions and lamps that require electricity. And sometimes the electrical cords are not safely secured behind a non-walking area. If you have any electrical items that have cords that extend into common areas, consider installing them behind furniture or other large objects that will reduce the potential for an accidental fall.
Install Non-Slip Flooring In Entryways: Slips are another cause of accidents inside a home, and most of these slips either occur inside the bathroom or at the entry way of a home, due to water brought into the house after a rain storm in late summer. A great safety tip is to consider installing non-slip flooring in the entryways of your home – and also the bathroom.

Consider Installing Safety Rails

Accidents also tend to occur in tight spaces like bathrooms and slippery areas such as the shower. Even worse is the fact that when people fall in tight spaces or in the shower, there are several hard areas and sharp corners that can cause significant head and spinal cord injuries after the fall. This is why it’s a great idea to consider installing safety rails in accident prone areas including:

Installation Of Shower Rails: most shower safety bars are installed outside the shower, as the majority of falls occur when people are getting in and out of the shower. However, if you have a walk in shower, consider installing rails along the wall inside the shower and near the exit of the shower. This will provide you multiple resources to grab in case of a slip in the shower.
Restroom Safety Rails: another leading area where falls happen is in the toilet area. There are many safety rails built today that are small and compact, and will easily fit these smaller spaces.

It’s often said that the best way to reduce accidents inside a home is to take proactive measures to remove the danger from the situation. If you follow these two simple home safety tips, you’ll find that the potential for serious injuries will dramatically decrease.

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