How to Increase Value with a Home Remodel in Paradise Valley

home remodel in paradise valleyIt might seem easy, but believe it or not, trying to find affordable ways of improving your home’s value is actually very difficult. There are dozens of ways to improve the style, livable space and even the equity of a home – but many people how consider a home remodel in Paradise Valley typically find it hard to look at the long term economic gain. The reality is that any remodeling project should always encapsulate both your personal improvements and desires along with finding ways to improve the economic resale value as well. And contrary to popular opinion, many of the most common upgrades are also sure fire ways to drive up that equity.

Here is our top three that you should consider when planning your next home remodeling project in Paradise Valley.

Start with Remodeling your Kitchen

When most appraisers visit a home that has been recently upgraded, one of the first areas that makes an impact on the value sheet is the kitchen. When you upgrade your cabinets, countertops, appliances and make energy consumption improvements this makes a huge impact in the overall value of your home. A great idea is to work with a home remodeling contractor that has experience in creating elegant looking and feeling kitchen remodel projects – without putting a huge dent in your overall budget. Creativity is a plus in this area – so make sure to explore all of your options to get the best bang for the buck.

Remodel the Master Bathroom

The second item that often catches the eyes of those that set the value of a home after remodeling is the master bedroom. Here is a reality that most people tend to forget – the master bedroom is where the home owner typically spends the majority of their time. Sure this time often is spent sleeping, however, it’s also a room that often dictates whether a buyer will purchase the house or look for something better. By upgrading your master bathroom, adding custom showers, cabinets, upgraded closet space and even custom ceilings or simply molding; you can spice up the main bedroom for very little cost.

Always Paint with a Neutral Color

No home remodeling project is complete without adding some color to the equation. But before you start thinking about adding bright colors to walls, you might want to consider that most home appraisers will reduce a home’s value when the house needs significant changes to accommodate the typical home buyer. It’s suggested to reduce this potential by choosing neutral colors for main rooms inside your home; such as hallways, kitchens, living rooms and public areas. If you want to make a splash with aggressive color patterns, that is always a nice choice – but if increasing home value is your goal – keep it neutral.

The great thing about these three tips is that they are often the most affordable to complete. Take time to meet with your custom home remodeling contractor in Paradise Valley and explore all of your options that will both improve the function and style – while also improving the value of your home.


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