3 Benefits of Installing Home Energy Monitoring Systems

Installing Home Energy Monitoring SystemsPart of establishing a more energy-efficient household is understanding what goes into your energy use and what it costs. You can analyze your electricity bill, but it may not be detailed enough for you to make effective changes to reduce your energy costs. You could take a peek at the energy meter that sends information to your power company, but these meters are designed to be read by utility workers and experts, not homeowners, so they are often inconveniently placed and only give basic information.

If you are interested in a more detailed look at your home energy use, you should look into installing home energy monitoring systems that will provide the information you want to you directly.

Locate Areas for Improvement

Within your home, there are spaces that require more energy than others: maybe you have more devices and appliances plugged in around the kitchen than elsewhere in the house, or perhaps members of your household spend more time and energy in offices or entertainment rooms. Energy use also varies by time: certain months of the year require more heating or air conditioning due to the weather and the changing seasons, and more energy is used during certain times of day when you and your family are at home, awake and active.

Installing home energy monitoring systems will allow you to collect data and identify excessive energy use in particular locations or times. You can then address or improve in these areas according to your needs and preferences.

Understand Unique Patterns

Most measures of energy-efficient homes are calculated based on the standard energy usage of homes with the same size and basic design as yours. However, energy consumption varies quite a bit by household, even in the same home style and geographic area. These standard models are good indicators of how various energy-saving features work in general, but in order to understand how and how much these features will actually benefit you, you first need to understand the patterns of energy use that are unique to your household. If you are considering custom green home building in Scottsdale, you need to build a picture of your household’s actual energy use. The data produced by an energy monitoring system can help to visualize your energy consumption trends in terms of months or seasons, times of day and locations within the house.

Plan for Your Future

When you have a detailed understanding of your energy use as it is at present, you can begin to look to the future. In addition to determining your future energy costs and use patterns, this can be a valuable tool in planning ahead. Your regular energy consumption factors into what sort of generator you might use to make up for power outages; it can also be used to project how much a set of solar panels or a wind turbine might offset your energy costs as well as what kind of generation system would be most cost effective for your household. If you already have a green generation system, you can measure its efficiency, judge how much it allows you to save and factor this into your decisions moving forward.


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