How Involved Do You Need To Be In The Custom Home Construction Process?

custom home constructionIt’s the dream of virtually every homeowner to eventually design a custom home in Arizona. However, what might be one person’s dream can often lead to another individual’s nightmare. Contrary to popular belief, the custom home building process in Scottsdale is not as simple as you’d think. It takes detailed planning, experienced contractors, several permits and other critical steps to ensure the build goes off without a hitch. This often leads to the inevitable question about how involved does the homeowner need to be during the entire home building process.

Here are a few facts for you to consider when you’re looking to have a custom home built in Scottsdale.

The Overall Process of Building a Custom Home

After meeting with a custom home construction company and having an initial discovery meeting the actual process of building a home begins. When you’re looking to build any custom home, there are four main elements that make up the entire process including:

  • Choosing and Purchasing a Lot
  • Establishing a budget
  • Planning, Designing and Creating a Custom Design, floor plan and other construction details
  • Actual Construction

Each of these individual steps requires a different amount of input from the homeowners.

Choosing and Purchasing a Lot

During the first phase, the input of the homeowner is exceptionally critical. As the homeowner, you’ll be responsible for picking a lot that is functional, affordable and provides you with the required location that will fulfill several individual needs and desires. However, it’s also important to lay on the experience of the custom home builder to help you choose a lot that will provide you with the best return on investment as well. Always be involved in this step – but also be open to the professional advice of the homebuilder.

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Establishing a Budget

You know your finances better than a homebuilder. However, this step should be a collaborative effort and often takes a lot of time to fine tune. A budget will include several considerations including:

  • What resources you have to purchase the home
  • What long term or short term goals you have for the home
  • What ancillary additions you will add to the property besides the basic custom home such as landscaping, backyards, pools, garages, detached buildings, etc.

Work with your homebuilder to determine a budget that you can afford but also provides you with required elements for your home.

Planning & Design

This is the fun part of building a custom home where you should have a tremendous amount of input. With design features, the goal of any custom home is having the flexibility to create from a blank canvas a house that fulfills your dreams and desires. However, practicality also enters the mix from time to time. Always work with your homebuilder to create a custom home that suits your needs, but also your time requirements as well. Many custom homebuilders have basic floor plans that you can customize to meet your individual needs.

Actual Construction

This phase is where the homebuilder takes over for the most part. Although you should request frequent updates on the construction process, it’s often best to let the professional do what they do best without too much interference from outside sources. If you have a good plan – and a trustworthy homebuilder, you can expedite this process and feel at ease knowing that your construction is going well.

As you can see, each individual step will require different levels of input from you the homebuilder. The home building process in Scottsdale is much easier when you work with an experienced Scottsdale custom home builder that will make it enjoyable to work with during this dream process.


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