Luxury Carefree Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

carefree bathroom remodeling It’s easier than you’d think to plan a bathroom remodeling project. In fact, of all the different things a home owner can do to spice up their homes, upgrading the bathroom is one of the most affordable to complete. However, for homeowners that are looking for Carefree bathroom remodeling tips that will significantly improve the style, function and overall luxury of their bathrooms, there are a few specific items they might want to include.

Here are three of the quickest growing trends in luxury bathroom upgrade projects being completed in the Phoenix Valley recently.

First – Upgrade to Modern Sinks

The first item that many people notice inside a bathroom is the sink. Without question, making the decision to upgrade your sink to a modern design is the quickest – and surprisingly enough; most affordable way to make a splash with your newly remodeled sink. Some of the most popular trends in modern sinks for bathrooms include:

  • Adding Prefabricated Designed Sinks: Imagine if your sink was designed in the shape of a conch shell? Perhaps as a water slide or a river in the Grand Canyon? Believe it or not, some of the most popular modern sink designs are ones that are fabricated to introduce style and nature into the bathrooms.
  • Square Sinks: The modern bathroom can also include square-shaped sinks that will add some structure to your bathroom remodeling project.
  • Tree log sink: Imagine walking into a bathroom to see a tree log with a sink attachment? Believe it or not, it’s a growing addition to many luxury bathrooms.
  • Natural Stone Sinks: Keeping with the nature theme, a modern bathroom doesn’t need to have new-age pieces. Consider adding natural stone designed sinks to complement your bathroom fixtures.

Second – Add Granite & Marble Countertops

The first step in creating any remodeling project is deciding on a theme for each room. With bathroom projects, one of the focal materials that will determine the overall look and feel of the bathroom is the countertops. Several of the most popular bathroom upgrades being completed in Carefree include the use of granite and marble countertops. Here are some of our favorite colors being used these days.

  • Black Granite. Not only is this a popular shade for kitchen remodeling, but many modern bathrooms are featuring this elegant design.
  • Sandstone colored marble countertops. If you’re bathroom décor is Santa Fe’ or southwestern in flavor, consider natural colors of marble for your countertops – like sandstone, light brown shades or tans.

Third – Upgraded Walk-in Shower Designs

The finishing touch of many Carefree bathroom remodeling projects is installing the ultimate walk-in shower. These types of bathroom amenities are often reserved for master bathroom use – but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here are a few styles to consider for your walk in shower:

  • Glass enclosed shower: Use glass enclosed shower combined with light colored paints and fixtures to create a bright and elegant looking bathroom.
  • Light filled walk-in showers: Take the time to create mood lighting for your walk in shower.
  • Add a shower / steam room: Kill two birds with one stone by upgrading your bathroom with a walk in shower / steam room set up.
  • Save Space with Small walk in showers: For second and third bathroom remodeling projects, consider saving some space by upgrading to a stand up walk in shower.

Any of these bathroom upgrade ideas can easily be included in your remodeling project. As with any home improvement project, make sure to set a solid budget and good overall plan before meeting with a Carefree general contractor. You’ll save time, money and ensure your project is completed on time and the way you want it.


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