5 Luxury Home Trends to Watch Out for This Year

Luxury Home Trends to Watch Out for This YearDo you want to have a home that looks like a page out of a magazine?

Luxury interior design can whip your place into shape. But you don’t have to scroll endlessly through Pinterest to find your next inspiration. The latest luxury house design features are within reach.

Here are 5 luxury home trends that stand out in the current luxury real estate landscape.

1. Retreat Vibes

This latest trend brings the spa directly to your home! Searches on Pinterest for “bathroom spa” have increased by 269 percent in the last year.

Make your luxury custom bathroom peaceful and relaxing. You can master this trend by adding a Jacuzzi bath, minimalist decor, and an earthy color palette.

Besides the bathroom, you can continue this theme throughout the entire home. Adorn your walls with neutrals like sage, beige and gray.

Throw in some house plants for extra points. Web searches for “pattern plants” are up 533 percent. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Elaborate Kitchens

Everyone knows that kitchens are one of the major focal points in any home. Elaborate, dreamy kitchens are becoming quite the stage for luxury home design.

When entertaining guests, hosts want open kitchens that allow them to join the party. Additionally, people tend to congregate in this common space. Which means it should always be in tip-top shape.

Design a kitchen with plenty of space for seating, serving, and conversation. The kitchen has become a major entertaining space. Even if you don’t cook in your luxury house, the kitchen is expected to be welcoming and spacious.

3. Anti-Minimalism

2017 was the year of minimalist decor. This year, we will begin to see that change. Homeowners are adding colorful and charming accents to their design.

If you prefer a more whimsical look, this is your time to shine.

To achieve this look, opt for a daring tile color on your bathroom floors. Use bright and bold wallpaper patterns or paint your walls with an unexpected color.

Another way to play this up is through mixed media finishes. Mix shiny brass light fixtures with a black steel chair or a glossy golden countertop.

This trend also works in kitchens. Have your hardware, fixtures, and lighting done in a variety of finishes.

4. Room for Play

The infusion of work and play created a desire for recreational space at home. Homeowners will want everything from ice-hockey rinks to bowling alleys in their homes.

Don’t worry, there are ways to do this for non-sports lovers, too!

Transform the traditional “man-cave” into an arcade or create a hobby room for mom to get away. Infuse your luxury home with your own passions.

Be sure there’s room on the blueprint for something fun.

5. Smart Security

Among these luxurious trends to a home, security is arguably the most important. What was once a basic in-home security system has evolved for today’s sophisticated homes.

Security should be top of mind when designing your dream home. Consider high-tech solutions like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Security innovations continue to improve the homeowners’ peace of mind.

Which Trends Will Pop Up In Your Luxury House?

We hope these tips gave you some inspiration!

Your home should be as unique and charming as the people that live in it. Use luxury custom design to create a space that you’re proud of.

Getting custom design is the best way to create a five-star experience in the comfort of your own home.

To see how we can help you design your dream house, contact us for a free consultation.


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