Modern Bathroom Remodeling Must-Have’s

modern bathroom remodelingVisit any Parade of Homes event or most new custom home models and you’ll find modern bathrooms in nearly 90% of them. As with most trends, the modern bathroom has evolved over the years – especially as technology and pop culture style changes. However, there are a few of today’s modern bathroom remodeling trends that are simple ‘must have’s’ for any homeowner. Here are four of our favorites.

Add the Backsplash

Any modern design typically will include a stylish backsplash that brings some visual interest to the room. The backsplash of a bathroom can accomplish this. However, the trick is to incorporate a clean look with straight lines for a modern bathroom décor. Don’t make your backsplash too ornate; instead add some sleek features that will include neutral colors and smooth designs.

Install Smooth Fixtures

The backsplash is often considered a complimentary item for a room, but when you are building an elegantly designed modern bathroom, you’ll also want to include smooth and elegant fixtures. Homeowners can get really creative here, mixing sophisticated designs with geometric shapes that are visually appealing. Consider using rectangular designs with smooth edges for your sinks and countertops inside a modern bathroom upgrade.

Being creative with your sink is also a great way to improve the overall look of your bathroom. There are multiple shapes, types of materials and designs that can create a modern bathroom design that becomes the talk of your neighborhood.

Go Green with Materials

The inclusion of ‘green’ or environmentally friendly materials is also a growing trend in many modern décor choices across the Southwestern United States. Not only will using recycled materials for your bathroom remodeling project help the environment, but it can also be very stylish. For bathrooms, this might include the use of bamboo or plywood that can be fabricated for multiple items such as shelving units, vanities – even light fixtures.

Focus on Lighting

Typically the lighting of a bathroom remodeling project is an overlooked element of the overall design. Instead, it’s referred to as complimentary or ancillary to the overall project. However, professionally designed lighting can make or break a modern bathroom. When it’s properly chosen and installed correctly, the lighting can truly bring out the beauty of your bathroom space. Here are a few specific ideas to help enhance your bathroom décor with lighting:

  • Use ambient lighting concepts to illuminate areas that are often hidden – such as under the vanity, on shelving sides or even cove lighting near the ceiling.
  • Use LED lighting to reduce energy consumption – plus, LED lights tend to bring out natural colors and can help for preparing for the day or an evening out.
  • Install diming light switches. Just because it’s a bathroom, doesn’t mean you can’t create mood lighting.

Regardless of what type of remodeling project you are planning on undertaking for your bathroom, always make sure to document all of your ideas, create a solid budget and work with a Scottsdale bathroom remodeling contractor that can ensure the job is done correctly and finished on time.


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