3 Most Common Scottsdale Water Damage Repair Projects

Water Damage in KitchenLiving in the Phoenix metro area is not always sunshine and lollipops. In fact, during the summer monsoon season, we often receive flash floods and significant rain events that can lead to significant damage to our homes or office buildings. When this occurs, you’ll need to find a dependable Scottsdale water damage repair expert that has the experience fixing the most common and some uncommon water damage repair projects.

To help you find a qualified contractor that can complete water damage home repair in Scottsdale, here are three of the most common projects that are completed in the Phoenix region during the year, and qualifications and steps that the best disaster restoration contractors suggest in order to protect your home and everybody living there.

First – Broken Water Pipes

This typically occurs in the winter in Scottsdale. Believe it or not, it can get down-right cold in the desert. And since the majority of homes built in the Scottsdale area are not winterized to handle below freezing temperatures – water damage due to broken water pipes can happen without warning. Broken water pipes can also happen due to construction – especially landscaping projects completed in the spring or summertime. Water then finds its way into the home and can cause serious damage if not handled quickly.

Second – Broken Washing Machine Hoses or Refrigerator Water Lines

Another cause of water damage in Arizona is when a water line breaks off your refrigerator or washing machine. This is typically due to simple wear and tear of an older water line – or a water line that has been pinched. However, the damage can be significant – since this water will often soak into floors, walls and other support structures of the home. If this occurs to you – shut off the water line at the closest connection – to stop the water flow. It’s advised to call a plumber as soon as possible to fix the water line – and contact a Scottsdale water damage repair expert in to analyze the situation and offer their expert solutions to reduce other damage and get any damage repaired as soon as possible.

Third – Storm Damage

As we stated above, we don’t get a lot of rain in the Scottsdale area, but when it comes – it often rains in buckets. This leads to flash flooding situations that can – and often does, find itself into many homes in Scottsdale and surrounding cities. Storm water damage can impact a home’s foundation, flooring, walls, electrical system, plumbing, carpet and more. And since storm water damage is just as unpredictable as broken water lines, it is very important to contact a flood damage repair expert as soon as possible.

Anytime you experience water damage inside a home, there are many critical steps that should be followed to reduce the development of mold – which can be very hazardous to anybody’s health. It’s due to this fact that you shouldn’t delay if you have experienced water damage inside your home. Make it a point to contact a Scottsdale water damage repair expert as soon as you discover a significant water leak inside your home. They’ll offer you the best professional advice on what to do along with providing you an affordable option to repair any damage so you can return to a normal life after a terrible accident.

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