New Home Construction: Buy New or Build New?

new home constructionIf you’ve been looking to upgrade your home but are wondering to yourself, “Should I buy a new home or build a custom new home,” we have some very important factors for you to consider. Believe it or not, this is a common question asked by many Arizona homeowners. Whether you’re living a lavish lifestyle and searching for your dream home or simply looking to upgrade and expand your home due to new children or other factors, debating on new home construction methods is often a point of contention for several homeowners.

Three Facts To Consider When Choosing Between A New And Custom-Built Home

Fact #1 – New Home Construction Permits Freedom Of Choice

We all want certain elements inside our home and more often than not, we have to accept the reality that we can’t always get what we wish. But, when you make the decision to build a new home, your freedom to add certain ‘wants’ becomes much easier. Custom homes are ‘custom’ in every sense of the word. There are several benefits to building a new custom home including:

  • You can have the homebuilder create custom floor plans that fit your lifestyle perfectly. Every family is unique and it’s simply impossible for a new home shopper to find all the elements they need in a pre-fabricated new home. But, when you start with a custom floor plan, you can have a professional contractor build the home with the exact floor plan that fits your family needs and desires best.
  • You have the freedom to include different materials that fit your social agenda. Another benefit to custom new home construction is that you have the freedom of choice as to the material you will use. This is especially important for people looking to create a highly energy efficient home in Arizona that will be well insulated. And with rising energy costs, finding affordable ways to keep your home comfortably cool in summer often begins with quality materials.

Fact #2 – New Home Construction Is Affordable

Another myth about custom home building is that it’s much more expensive than buying a cookie-cutter home. The truth is that custom new home construction can often be very affordable for homeowners for several reasons:

  • You dictate your budget, not the home-builder. When you work with a custom home-builder, they’ll create your floor plan and home design based on your needs and budget – not set a price based on market value.
  • You can create plans for future upgrades. If you have your eyes set on growing and expanding your home, it’s much easier to accomplish this with a custom-built home that is designed for future expansion. Most pre-fab homes simply don’t offer this option and can cost a ton of money to remodel in the future.

Fact #3 – New Home Construction Offers A Sense of Accomplishment

When you build something like a new house from scratch, the end results tend to inspire an amazing sense of accomplishment. The process is very detailed, but not as stressful as one might think. In fact, many experienced new custom home-builders have created highly successful plans that streamline the process, while allowing the homeowner to be an important part of the building project.

Debating on new home construction often begins and ends with the proper education. Take time to research and contact a custom home-builder for a free estimate when you’re shopping around for your next new home. When you have the opportunity to move into a cookie cutter home vs. building your own custom home for roughly the same overall cost, which one would you prefer?

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