New Trends Showing Up in Scottsdale Modern Luxury Homes

scottsdale modern luxury homes From lavish outdoor living concepts to simplifying interior décor with a touch of class, there are several new modern luxury homes in Scottsdale that exemplify the word trends. Scottsdale has always been the community that others look to in order to stimulate ideas, or to see how to do something creative and with a focus on quality. This is especially true in the home improvement market and why most Scottsdale modern luxury homes showcase the latest trends for others to follow.

Let’s take a look at four of the most popular trends that are integrated into luxury modern home design in Scottsdale.

#1 – The Poolside Fire Pit

One of the coolest things about living in Phoenix is the fact it typically only cools down after the sun sets. This is why most home owners in Scottsdale that have installed swimming pools in the back yard take advantage of the comfort of outdoor living by installing a fire pit near the swimming area. The great thing about this type of backyard upgrade is that it can be used year-round. In the summer, it creates a great atmosphere to enjoy the visual stimulation of fire next to water. In winter, it’s perfect to keep you warm as you entertain people or family in your back yard.

#2 – White Cabinets

White cabinets are simply put – elegant. It’s due to this fact and the multiple designs available that another growing trend in modern luxury homes in Scottsdale is the inclusion of white cabinetry. However, besides the fact that they look stylish, there are many other factors that enhance the value of installing white cabinets in a kitchen including:

  • White helps a room look bigger. Space is a huge factor in any room, but in the kitchen – it can make an enormous impact. Installing white cabinets expand the visual layout of a kitchen. And since space is often determined by the mind’s eye – this subtle trick really pays off.
  • It’s multifaceted. White blends with virtually any type of color, style, or design. This permits a home owner to explore multiple ideas without having to struggle with finding the matching cabinet colors.

#3 – Wine tasting rooms

A luxury home – regardless of the location is typically designed to enhance comfort and permit hosting multiple people. And if you’re looking to truly be the talk of your neighborhood and social networks, consider installing a wine tasting room with attached wine cellars. Not only are these rooms the epitome of luxury and class, but they are also designed to be very cool – with woods that are natural in appearance, but also tend to absorb heat – keeping the wine tasting room comfortable and perfect for hosting friends and family during the hot summer months.

#4 – Glass floor to ceiling designs

Finally, if making a splash is your intent for your luxury home, the installation of glass floor to ceiling designs is the one that will knock it out of the park. There are multiple advantages to installing these systems including:

  • Flexibility: a floor to ceiling system is completely reconfigurable – which gives the homeowner multiple options to mix and match designs to fit their other décor options.
  • Sustainable: Drywall is a huge consumer of multiple natural resources. It also clogs up landfills everywhere. These systems are sustainable, last forever and are good for the environment.

Business have used glass floor to ceiling walls and designs for years. If you’re looking to be a trend setter – talk to a local construction contractor in Scottsdale about installing these systems in your home. Any of these four ideas will make your home a must visit location for neighbors, friends and family to stimulate their home improvement ideas.


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