5 Original Ideas for a Complete House Makeover

Original Ideas for a Complete House MakeoverWhether you’re ready for a subtle or complete house makeover, spring is the perfect time for renewal and this year’s trends are turning heads.

From metallics being used across the home to new materials for flooring, you will find yourself delighted at all the options you have for interior design in 2018.

Whether you are looking for a splash of pattern or color, or just want to try some new materials in your home, read on to find out the latest trends to inspire you.


They say that trends always come back around, and with Terrazzo, it couldn’t be truer. This form of marble tile was popular in the 1970s, made a brief resurfacing in the 1990s, and is now back in style for 2018.

Its bright, colorful flecks of marble bring excitement to any room. Terrazzo tiles are also more affordable than their 100% marble counterparts.

Choose Dark Woods

The days of bleached woods, refinished antiques, and indiscreet furniture are over. This year, the trends are going bold. You can expect to see more dark oak, mahogany, and walnut being used.

They add a new level of depth to the room. When used in the kitchen, they can create an appealing and eye-catching statement.

Create Your Own Storage Solutions

If you have a lot of clutter in your home, creating your own storage solutions is optimal. Unfortunately, it is also typically very expensive.

One company is changing the way you see storage. Cubit has a wide variety of boxes, cabinets, shelves, and drawers that can be integrated for a unique design.

Their products are shaped to be the perfect size for the objects they hold. This company really takes form meeting function to the next level.

Use Metallics

Adding a touch of glittering metal can make your space seem instantly more glamorous. If you use too many, your home could feel more like a hall of mirrors. There is an art to creating the perfect balance.

If you want to use metallics in your home, you should try to keep the rest of your palette neutral. If you simply must have a dark room, brass can pair nicely with black, navy, and other jewel tones.

When you are shopping for metallic pieces for your home, don’t worry about matching the metals perfectly. The latest trend is to shake things up, combining metals like silver, gold, brass, and copper all in the same room.

Make a Statement Ceiling

It used to be if you wanted a pop of color in a room you would paint an accent wall. But in 2018, the statement ceiling reigns supreme.

Whether you decide to tile it, paint it, or wallpaper it, transforming your ceiling will transform the entire space. It’s a great way to top off your house makeover.

More House Makeover Tips

Adding statement ceilings, metallics, dark woods, Terrazzo, and custom storage are all great ways that you can improve your home yourself.

To have a full house makeover, you should go beyond the basics of painting and decorating. If you are looking for luxury renovations, request a free estimate today.


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