Phases of Swimming Pool Construction in Scottsdale

Swimming Pool Construction in ScottsdaleBuilding a new swimming pool is the dream of many home owners. However, the process involved in swimming pool construction in Scottsdale is often overlooked. Although it may seem simple enough to dig a hole in the ground to create a swimming pool for your backyard oasis – the phases of constructing a swimming pool to your liking can be extensive depending on your desired outcome. This type of construction also requires professional swimming pool builders in Scottsdale to legally complete.
Here are some of the phases and details involved with swimming pool construction in Scottsdale or other neighboring cities:

Phase #1: From Concept to Reality

Swimming Pool Remodel in ScottsdaleThe first phase of building a swimming pool is to contact a swimming pool contractor in Scottsdale. During your initial meetings, they will outline the entire process – which typically begins with a face to face meeting. During this meeting you’ll discuss your wants and needs for your pool project – including any additional landscaping projects that will fit with the entire pool design. All swimming pool construction costs plus a professionally designed rendering of your finished product will also be disclosed and agreed upon during this phase.

Phase #2: Planning and Permits

Just like any other construction project, building a swimming pool needs to be approved by the local government. This is done through planning and having all permits pulled. Typically, the swimming pool contractor will complete this step for you.

Phase #3: Excavation

The excavation process is rather complex. There are typically a few specific steps involved in this phase:
  • First, they will ‘pre-grade’ your swimming pool site. This allows the contractor to have a smooth canvass in which to work.
  • Second, your pool will be ‘staked out’ with an outline. This is only done after the approved design phase.
  • Dirt removal – This final phase is rather important to document and outline before it’s completed. Typically if you’re going to have additional landscaping completed, you’ll require some fill dirt. Always clarify with your swimming pool contractor the details before they start digging and removing dirt.

Phase #4: Forms and Reinforcement

Swimming Pool Project ScottsdaleAfter the dirt has been removed, you’ll then enter the forming and reinforcement phase. This is where the swimming pool will take shape. This may also be the time where payments are made to the swimming pool contractor. But, just like every other service job, you’ll specify these details before the actual construction process begins.

Phase #5: Plumbing

This is where the fun begins. After the forms and reinforcement is done, they will then begin to install all plumbing features. It’s also during this phase the typically the first inspections are completed. Building a swimming pool in Scottsdale needs to have routine inspections during specific phases of construction.

Phase #6: Gunite or Structural Cement

Unless you have a pre-fab fiberglass pool being installed, you’ll then enter the gunite phase. This is where the hole in the ground in your backyard begins to look like an actual swimming pool.

Phase # 7: Electrical & Gas Lines

custom pool building in scottsdaleAfter the gunite has been successfully applied and cured, the swimming contractor will then bring in the electrical contractors and gas contractors to install these important items. Gas is used for heating and electrical typically runs your filtration system, lights and other systems.

 Phase #8: Décor

During this phase your new swimming pool receives its personality. The swimming pool contractors will add tile accents, decking, waterfalls, or other enhancements and cool features that make your pool unique.

Phase #9: Final Adjustments

The final few phases of swimming pool construction will depend on the specific type of pool you’re having built. This includes the type of plaster or finish, hardscaping and landscaping, fences and other required elements.
Planning swimming pool construction in Scottsdale is almost as fun as jumping into your pool for the first time. Make sure you work with a professional custom pool remodeling in Scottsdale that can show you several samples of their previous work and is willing to provide you with referrals if asked. That company is Peak One Builders! Call (480) 569-7977 Today.

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