3 Critical Steps When Planning Disaster Restoration Services In Phoenix

When the unfortunate occurs – planning is essential to success. Nobody ever expects for their home to be damaged by disaster restorationflood, fire or any other natural disaster. However, when this does happen, it’s vital to follow a few important steps; not only to ensure the disaster recovery and restoration services are completed correctly – but also for the safety of everybody involved.

Here are three vital steps that should always be a part of any Phoenix restoration or disaster services.

Step #1 – Never Enter a Home Unless the All Clear is provided by the Fire Department

It might seem tempting to rush into your home to inspect the damage done by a fire or flood – however, this could cost you your life. It’s estimated by the US Department of Health and Human Services that nearly 20% of all injuries that occur during home fires or other disasters occur after the fire has been contained. In nearly every case, the homeowners entered a building without receiving the all clear signal from the fire department.

The first thing you need to realize is that no matter how tempting it might be – never enter a home that has been damaged by fire or flood until the experts have inspected it for potential safety issues. Homes can be rebuilt and personal items can be replaced – human life however can’t.

Step #2 – Work Closely with Insurance and Ask Several Questions

Once you’ve been given the chance to inspect the damage, the next important step is to officially document the damage with insurance company. When you read most restoration services review articles posted online, they’ll all agree that open and transparent communication with your insurance company is always the best course of action to follow. Remember – we have insurance precisely for these unfortunate accidents in our lives. However, the process can – and often will be delayed if there are any holes or misleading information provided. Work closely with your insurance company and provide them with all details so you can move forward to complete the disaster recovery and restoration services.

Step #3 – Work with a Dependable and Experienced Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services Company in Phoenix

Finally, after you’ve made first contact with your insurance company and have some idea as to what needs to be done – contact a dependable Phoenix-area contractor that specializes in disaster recovery and restoration. An experienced contractor will have a complete understanding of how to get your home fully repaired – and often in better condition than it was before the disaster hit. Plus, a good disaster recovery and restoration company in Phoenix will have the compassion to understand what you’re going through – and provide valuable information and experience to ensure the process is completed safely and expeditiously.

Nobody ever plans for the unexpected to occur. However, if you follow these three important steps when it happens to you – you’ll be safe, and be as prepared as possible to move forward with an experienced disaster restoration services company in Phoenix that will get the job done right.

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