Popular Granite Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling In Scottsdale

white granite countertopsThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms inside any home. Whether you’re kitchen style is built to be a focal point of entertainment or it is your primary design element, many home owners are factoring in granite countertops for their Scottsdale kitchen remodeling projects. Just like every other room in the house, exploring growing trends that are becoming popular in award winning homes in the Scottsdale community often will stimulate the creative juices.

Here are a few of the quickest growing granite countertop trends that new custom homes are integrating into their new home builds and kitchen remodeling projects in Scottsdale.

White Granite Countertops – Clean and Expansive

White in the kitchen may feel a little to risky because it doesn’t hide as well as some of the darker granites, but there are lots of other benefits that come with white granite countertops. First and most notably, white will make your kitchen look larger. So, if you’re in a smaller space or just enjoy the idea of having an expansive looking kitchen consider white granite.

Another misconception about white granite is that it’s too simple or flat.  One of the beautiful elements of granite, no matter what color you choose is that it will have flecks or veins. These small yet unique color contrasts make for a very eye catching countertop that you can pair with almost any style or color of cabinet. If you’re ready for clean lines and expansive feel then you may want to look into what options are available in white granite.

Beige Granite Tops – Giving Scottsdale Home Owners Additional Décor Options

beige granite countertopsYou might think that a desert community like Scottsdale would be restricted in the granite colors used for countertops in kitchens – but this simply isn’t the truth. Beige seems to be expanding as a primary color of choice for many new custom homes in Scottsdale and beyond. Considering many home remodeling projects tend to follow the trends of new homes, it simply makes sense to consider this color choice.

Beige has a lot of room for decoration options – especially in a kitchen. Many home owners are integrating the beige colored granite countertops with light or dark colored wood cabinets. This type of countertop is also highly customizable, giving home owners with multiple home styles like Victorian, traditional, country and Santa Fe the option to use this color in their kitchen remodeling projects.

Brown Granite Countertops – Creating a Rustic Kitchen Look

brown granite countertopsYou may be thinking,”Is brown much different than beige?” and the answer is yes! The this darker color on your countertops will create a warm contrast in your kitchen. Brown shades have become are ever-present in most kitchen remodeling projects in Scottsdale thanks to the variety available. Whether it’s the cabinetry used, tile backsplash or even the flooring, the pairing of brown shades tends to develop a rustic – yet very gentle feeling inside a kitchen. Like it’s brother beige, brown granite countertops offer home owners tremendous flexibility to create a country looking or rustic kitchen, but also to incorporate modern styling and décor.

Not only is brown an excellent color to choose for the granite countertops, but it also blends with multiple shades of appliances. White, black or stainless steel appliances all blend very well with multiple shades of brown granite countertops.

Black Granite Countertops – Blending into Brilliance

black granite countertopsThere are many reasons why people choose to install granite countertops. Many choose this option because granite is very easy to maintain and clean; some choose granite because of the classic look. For those looking for a balance of these two attributes, black granite countertops might be best suited for your kitchen remodeling project. When you look close at the texture – you’ll often find small specs or veins of silver, some golds and copper tones throughout the surface of black granite countertops.

This subtle coloring feature adds elegance to any kitchen; but it can also become a focal point of your kitchen. When combined with creative light fixtures inside a kitchen remodeling project – black granite countertops can sparkle.

Across the board, these four color choices of granite countertops are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale. However, there are virtually dozens of color options to choose from, and even more styles of countertops that might be best suited for your specific remodeling project. Always look at the big picture and work with a kitchen remodeling expert that has the experience to create the perfect kitchen that blends style and function.


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