Popular Ideas For Building A Guest House In Phoenix

Building a guest house in Phoenix Having a home in Phoenix tends to be an open invitation for friends and family to visit – especially when those visiting live in cold weather climates. Due to this reality, several Phoenix area home owners search for creative ways of increasing housing space without building a brand new home. One of the latest trends in new home construction is the addition of guest apartments or casita’s; while other home owners with extra back yard space will actually build a detached guest home. Regardless of which option you choose, there are pros and cons to adding onto your home.

When you’re looking to add a guest room, a casita or even a free standing guest house on your property, there are many reasons why doing so is a good investment for the future. Not only does this make your home more comfortable for guest that visit, but also can vastly improve your property value. As such, listed below are a few of the most common and popular ideas for building a guest house in Phoenix and surrounding cities.



First – Consider Building a Casita in Phoenix

For those that are not aware, a casita is either an attached or detached single bedroom suite that typically has its own bathroom (often a full bathroom with tub and shower options) and mini-kitchen areas. Traditionally a casita also includes a private entrance that is not attached to the home. This allows the visitors to come and go as they please without interrupting the home owners. A casita is perfect for guests that want to be a part of the family, but have their own privacy and freedom.

There are several ways of including a casita into your home remodeling budget including:

  • Creating a home addition. It’s very common for home builders in Arizona to offer an attached casita that goes much further than simply adding another bedroom. In most cases, the attached casita is built near the front of the home – again, with an access door cut into a wall of the primary residence and another allowing access to the casita without disturbing the primary residence.
  • Building a detached casita. “Mother-in-law” suites or detached casitas are also growing in popularity. Having this type of casita built by a professional custom home builder in Phoenix is a great option for those who have additional space in their backyards, or want to improve the overall property value. There is some additional labor involved in this type of build such as adding new electrical, gas and individual HVAC systems; however, this tends to increase property value considerably upon resale.


Second – Converting a Garage into a Guest Suite in Phoenix

One of the more cost-effective methods of adding additional space for home visitors is by upgrading the garage or a section of the garage to a guest room. Due to the fact that electrical, water and other utilities are already installed in the garage, it makes the process of creating a guest room much easier. Plus, most garages already have the door to the outside, which provides the visitor the same privacy and freedom to come and go as they like. You can add a full bathroom fairly easy as well as a cooking area. If you have children that tend to visit longer than expected, this is a great idea to consider.


Third – Add a Rec Room w/Guest Home Features

Many homes in the Phoenix metro area have swimming pools or larger backyards that have space to add a detached rec or game room. With this option, the home owner can work with a professional custom home builder to develop a two-bedroom suite with a larger ‘family room’ or entertainment area in which to host guests. A popular design trend here is the making one bedroom a ‘master suite’ while creating a ‘bunk room’ with multiple bunk beds for children to stay when they visit your home. Plus, it makes hosting parties much easier, as you can set up your recreation room for friends to eat, or even create a second kitchen with attached BBQ’s, Smokers and even an outdoor bar if you wish.

There are multiple ways to add space to allow those out of town visitors to feel comfortable while allowing both them and you to enjoy some privacy as well. Regardless of what type of method you choose when building a guest house, it’s vitally important that you work with a licensed and professional contractor in Phoenix that has years of experience in crafting custom-designed guest homes, additions and remodeling projects. If you’re thinking about adding onto your home, contact a dependable contractor to set discuss your options and create a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

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