Scottsdale Home Fire Restoration Tips You Can Rely On In An Emergency

home fire renovation tips scottsdale The thought of having a fire inside your home is one that no property owner ever wants to consider. However, it is a sad reality that can happen in life. And when fire damage occurs, there are often more questions in regards to what to do and in what order. Simply put, what priorities need to be handled in the rebuilding process? As such, we’ve put together this list of Scottsdale home fire restoration tips that will help people understand what to do when the tragedy of fire damage occurs.

3 Important Fire Restoration Tips For Your Scottsdale Home

Tip #1 – Consider Safety Above All

It is human nature to want to rush in to your home to inspect damage caused by fire however this could be a dangerous situation. Here are a few things you should always remember before you enter a home:

  • Never enter the home until the fire department or fire marshal has completed any necessary investigations and has given you the “all clear”. It also may be necessary to get a structural engineer and the building inspector to verify if there is any safety issues before entering.
  • Watch out above for damage to roofs and ceilings – it’s a good idea to wear a safety hat before entering a home with fire damage.
  • Be careful where you step, as fire damage could cause floors to be unstable.

Before you enter a home that has fire damage, it is often standard operating procedure for the fire department to inspect the utility services (including electricity, gas and water) to be certain they are safe to be used. Under no circumstances should you ever turn these utility items on your own.

Tip #2 – Clean and Remove Personal Items

The next thing to consider before entering a damaged home due to fire is to make a detailed list of personal items that you’d like to retrieve – before entering the home. This will make it easier for you to search for vital items, such as bank records, credit cards, valuables, collectables and other personal items of high value.

As you retrieve personal items from the home, it is very common to be distracted by damage to other items of intrinsic value – such as pictures, crafts built by children and other ‘priceless’ personal possessions. However, you should do the best you can to find items you need immediately and remove them from the house. Don’t try to clean or repair items while inside a home damaged by fire. Remember – safety first.

Tip #3 – Search for a Reliable Home Restoration Company

There are several experts located in the Scottsdale area that have extensive experience in repairing and restoring damage to your home.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure they can secure your home against causing more damage.
  • Ask them for references from previous home restoration clients they’ve worked for in the past.
  • Make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured; and have a history of working with insurance companies – this will make the billing process much easier and less stressful for you.

When you’re home has been damaged by fire, there are literally no words that can heal all the pain and stress you’ll feel during this process. However, if you stick to following these three Scottsdale home fire restoration tips, you’ll protect you and your family’s safety and have a great foundation to rebuild your home – and rebuild your life.