Scottsdale Living Room Remodeling to Elevate Your Lifestyle

scottsdale living room remodelingWhen most homeowners plan their remodeling projects – style, comfort and staying within budget are typically the common objectives. However, it would be foolish to assume that finding ways to elevate your lifestyle is also not a critical factor in this process. Our homes are our castles – and since most of your family time will be spent in the living room, exploring upgraded options to enhance your Scottsdale living room remodeling project is a smart place to begin this process.

Here are a few of our best tips for improving the creature comforts that will maximize your comfort inside and surrounding the living room and enhance that scenic Scottsdale view.

Larger windows to showcase the outdoors

It’s beautiful in the desert – especially in Scottsdale. So why not maximize this opportunity for improving you visual comfort by adding larger windows to your living room space? The biggest concern that many homeowners have about larger living room windows is that it might increase the amount of heat that enters a home. This simply isn’t a reality with today’s window technology. Newer windows are built with energy efficiency in mind – meaning they keep the cool air inside and reduce hot from entering your room. You can offset this concern by adding upgrade window treatments or even sunshades to keep your windows blocked during peak sunlight hours. Decorating rooms with large windows is quickly become a popular trend in Scottsdale remodeling projects.

Create open floor plan as much as possible

Comfort is also enhanced when you have open space inside any home. This is why most of today’s most professional contractors recommend incorporating a larger open floor plan for the living room. An open floor plan allows a homeowner to maximize their livable space; but also provides multiple ancillary benefits including:

  • Better social interaction. No longer is communicating and socializing restricted to the precise living room area when you have an open concept floor plan.
  • Safety. For people with children, an open floor plan in the living room gives better vision of what’s happening with their younger children in surrounding areas.
  • Comfort. The open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen, dining area and a living room gives a home owner the best of all worlds.

Create a great focal point in the living room

Finally, if you’re looking to entice more family members or friends to socialize in the living room, consider adding a large focal point item that wasn’t there previously. Many Scottsdale homeowners are installing custom fireplaces – even electric ones that are environmentally friendly into their living room remodeling projects. Not only does this create a cozy and comfortable environment to enjoy on those cold winter evenings, but during the summer it can also be a great visual entertainment option when you want to shut the TV off and simply relax.

Comfort often comes at a price with a Scottsdale custom remodeling company, but believe it or not, making small upgrades to your living room can be very cost effective. Not only will these ideas save you money in the short and long term; but it can also significantly improve your quality of life by turning your simple living room into a living well room in Scottsdale.


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